Julien Granel Shines Bright with KRK Studio Monitors

French breakthrough Musician, Producer, and Songwriter Julien Granel taught himself the ins and outs of music production after 14 years of playing classical piano at The Conservatoire, a UK-based educational charity. His style of music is a mix of multicolor pop, disco, funk, and electronic sounds. After years of hectic touring schedules, Granel released his first EP “Bagarre Bagarre” in 2020. When Granel was looking to purchase his first pair of studio monitors to compose his first album in his project studio, he was immediately drawn to KRKs for their eye-catching yellow cones.

Pictured: Julien Granel in his project studio with his KRK ROKIT 5 G4 studio monitors

“My number one rule is to always match my clothes to my KRKs when I’m mixing. Although I initially chose KRK to match my colorful aesthetic, I immediately fell in love with the way they sound in my home studio. Shortly after purchasing my speakers, I found a video of Tyler the Creator mixing on his KRKs, and I knew I made the best choice. The warm, dynamic sound of my KRK ROKIT 5 G4s is exactly what I wanted to create, and that sound helps me to stay instinctive in my craft. I’m so happy to be integrated into the KRK family!”

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