Virtual Reality Cybershoe Successfully Funded On Kickstarter

The Cybershoe has been funded its full amount on Kickstarter. An additional campaign is being launched on Indiegogo to seek additional funds and exposure.

Cybershoe VR Accessory Reaches Target

Virtual reality has been going strong, finding considerable success on PSVR, or PlayStation VR. Most are extremely impressed and satisfied with the technology as it stands, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still room for improvement. Or at least, room to expand the sense of immersion to new levels.

Those who have used VR know that although the experience is extremely immersive in terms of visuals and audio, that locomotion is still somewhat of a limited aspect. Which is to say; it may look and sound like you are in another world, but the illusion comes crashing down every time you have to move. After all, moving would likely smash you nose first into a real world wall, so substitutes are used, such as control thumb sticks.

This is the problem that the Cybershoe intends on addressing, and it has already been fully funded on Kickstarter. Though at an estimated price of a whopping $550, so those interested may want to hit the real money online pokies now, and start saving up.

What Is the Cybershoe?

A Vienna-based technology company set about creating a VR experience that brought your legs back into the game. Their solution was the Cybershoe, which is a simpler device than you might be imagining. Or set of devices, given that a pair of them are worn like shoes.

Each Cybershoe has a roller embedded in the sole, which translates directly into the game. Allowing for, as you may have already imagined, a real world walking movement to control the in-game motion. In practice, the user has to sit on a swivel chair, and walk on the ground in front of them, which will send their game character ambling forward. Sideways control is initiated by turning the chair in the desired direction, which takes advantage of the shoe orientation functionality, and likewise translates into in-game movement.

Not exactly high tech, at least not on paper, and promotional videos showing gamers using the shoes are amusing to say the least. But they certainly seem to work, and the concept managed to pull in a massive $250,000 in a Kickstarter campaign.

Moving on to Indiegogo

With the Cybershoe now fully funded, it will be going into production, but the developers are running a second campaign on Indiegogo. This second campaign is for the purpose of promotion and raising awareness, it has been stated, with a much lower target amount of $30,000 being set. It kicks off on February 5th 7AM, PST.

Those interested may wish to get in on the campaign now, which will grant a huge discount over the finished product, but only for the first 99 backers. A $269 pledge will earn a pair of shoes, swivel chair, protective carpet for the ground, and all needed cables and other accessories. A pretty big saving. Shipping to all backers is set to take place by July 2019.

Some aren’t sure what to make of this unique hi-tech accessory, but needless to say that the Cybershoe will see the light of day one way or the other. As to whether it catches on remains to be seen.

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