Madefire Releases Self-Publishing 3D Comic Software

Madefire has released an app for augmented reality headsets that allows self-publishing of 3D comics. The app requires no coding skills in order to work.

Madefire Releases 3D Comic Publication Software

Madefire has officially released an application for the Magic Leap One, which allows for fast and convenient publication of 3D motion comics. On top of this, the application likewise allows the viewing of the already existing Madefire 3D comic catalogue.

Those using the new authoring software will be able to quickly create their own 3D comics, and without the need for any advanced coding or software experience. The process will be easy to understand, Madefire has promised, and provide a means to upload the creations directly into the online catalogue for others to view.

It looks like comic fans are stepping into a new era, which makes a Magic Leap One headset more appealing than ever. Though, they aren’t cheap, so if you’re looking to pick up a pair you may want to hit a bit of gambling online NZ, and try pick up the funds with a lucky jackpot or two.

What Are 3D Comics?

But what exactly are 3D comics? Very simply put, these are 2D comics that have been enhanced to support virtual, and augmented reality features. In other words, comic pages can be viewed with their art assets appearing to pop from the page. The effect is similar to a 3D movie, but can be viewed from multiple angles, with the support of so called parallax technology.

It’s an eye-popping experience, and best of all, the effect can be applied to just about anything that appears on a 2D page. Additional sound effects and music can likewise be applied, turning a simple comic into a far deeper and more immersive experience.

The Authoring Tool

The authoring tool now available makes this creation process a walk in the park. Co-creator of the legendary Watchmen comic series, Dave Gibbons, explained how it works. He said that the comic artwork is arranged on different layers, with each layer relating to a different depth in the virtual reality world.

Once these layers are viewed in virtual or augmented reality, they appear to float before the viewer’s eyes in space, even holding their position if the head, or viewing device, is tilted or moves.

The authoring tool is available now for free on the Magic Leap World store.

3D Comics Are the Future?

3D comics are certainly an interesting concept, but are they the future of comics? Now there are more than 50 3D comics available to be viewed, with titles from top class comic publications such as Marvel, DC, Blizzard, Image and Dark Horse. That isn’t very many in the grand scheme of things, but certainly a sign that there is major interest in the concept.

But VR and AR headsets are still not cheap, and it seems like a steep price to pay for what essentially boils down to comics with more depth. If this new format catches on remains to be seen, but as it stands this is still only a novelty that those who already own headsets will get some fun out of.

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