Upgraded Launches “Upgraded Cares” in Partnership with GVNG to Provide Disadvantaged Students with New MacBooks

With a Vision to Lower the Barrier-to-Entry for MacBooks, Upgraded and GVNG Launch a New Initiative to Make These Laptops More Available to Students Who Otherwise Are Priced Out of Apple’s Products

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#GVNGUpgraded Technologies Inc., a renowned MacBook upgrade program and month-to-month subscription service, today announces its new partnership with GVNG to launch “Upgraded Cares” — a philanthropic initiative that will empower 10 financially disadvantaged students with a new MacBook to ensure equal access to digital resources during their educational journey. Starting today, “Upgraded Cares” will begin accepting applications from eligible students and will keep the applications open indefinitely until 10 lucky applicants have been awarded. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible and can begin their application process at www.getupgraded.com/upgradedcares.

“We are deeply dedicated to impacting those communities with less access to the resources they need to thrive,” said John Erik Metcalf, Co-founder & CEO of Upgraded Technologies Inc. “Education is a domain where we believe our contribution can make a significant difference because it enables us to create an even-playing field between well-off students and those without access to the most powerful tech. Partnering with GVNG amplifies our ability to reach those students in need and provide them with the necessary tools to succeed academically.”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, colleges and universities have increasingly introduced more remote-learning classes and resources for students and faculty. Although in-person learning has since returned to full form, the need for remote-learning tools such as laptops, tablets, and internet access from home is greater than ever before. Disadvantaged students from impoverished communities are most negatively impacted by this digital divide, as many of them don’t have the access to the right tools to keep up with the evolving educational system that increasingly relies on digital resources and virtual programs.

Upgraded Cares is not only supporting these underserved students through this initiative, but with the help of GVNG’s platform, is also creating a bridge for the broader community to provide contributions to these students in need. Every contribution, big or small, will directly impact the lives of students in need and go towards providing them with essential tools to enhance their learning experience and future opportunities. As the fiscal sponsor for “Upgraded Cares,” GVNG will facilitate the seamless integration of donations and support, ensuring that the initiative maximizes its impact.

“We’re honored to collaborate with Upgraded on this initiative,” said Robbie Tombosky, President of GVNGorg. “It’s about more than just providing technology; we are fostering an environment where students are not limited in their educational pursuits and growth by the tools they have access to. We’re proud to open the doors of opportunity for students in need by creating a path for them to have the same quality of technology as their peers and enabling them to reach their full potential.”

“Upgraded Cares” is aligned with both Upgraded’s and GVNG’s ethos of community support, financial flexibility, and increased accessibility. Each MacBook provided through this initiative will come with the assurance of quality and performance, ensuring that recipients have the resources they need to excel in their educational endeavors. For more information on “Upgraded Cares” and to learn how to apply or support the initiative, please visit www.getupgraded.com/upgradedcares.


GVNG is a movement that empowers corporations, celebrities, and influencers to launch a Digital Nonprofit to create communities of purpose that authentically connect people, brands, and influencers through the shared purpose of solving big world problems. Forbes refers to GVNG as “one of the most revolutionary platforms in the social impact space today” and describes GVNG as the “Shopify for Nonprofits.” GVNG’s unique Digital Nonprofit-In-A-Box capabilities provide all the benefits of a stand-alone nonprofit organization without the long lead times, heavy overhead costs, and burdensome paperwork of setting up and managing a new nonprofit. The GVNG Digital Nonprofit is administered by GVNGorg, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (a California nonprofit public benefit corporation) and is powered by GVNG Technology, Inc. Learn more at www.gvng.org.


Upgraded is a MacBook upgrade program that enables effortless upgrades and the convenience of low monthly payments. Driven by the conviction that efficiency leads to productivity and that accessibility should be within reach for all, Upgraded is transforming the device ownership landscape and unlocking the true power of the world’s most premiere technologies. By spreading the price of these popular and powerful laptops across 36 low monthly payments, Upgraded is radically increasing access and affordability in the world of Apple products while empowering creators, specialists, and tech enthusiasts to continuously utilize the latest tools available. We understand that time is money, and our program helps customers save valuable time and maximize their productivity without sacrificing the quality of their computer. Rooted in the core concepts of efficiency, accessibility, and financial flexibility, the Upgraded team believes that everyone, from individuals to families to small businesses, deserves the opportunity to harness the full potential of their devices without breaking the bank. Upgraded exists to bridge the gap between outdated devices and optimal performance, with the option to upgrade every other year, revolutionizing the way people acquire and upgrade their MacBook products.

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