Telestream Announces New Software Update to PRISM for HDR / WCG & 4K-UHD Productions

Nevada City, California, October 21stTelestream, a global leader in file-based media workflow orchestration, media streaming and delivery technologies, today announced a new software update (v 1.10) for its PRISM series of hybrid SDI and IP waveform monitors. The latest update supports more advanced tools for HDR (High Dynamic Range) and WCG (Wide Color Gamut) productions in 4K and HD. While PRISM has been a leading tool for customers making the transition to IP-infrastructures, this software release makes it an equally powerful tool in 3G and 4K Production applications for SDI. This software upgrade is available now for any model of PRISM with the production license to enable the features that support HDR and WCG.

“We’ve been working closely with customers who are producing live events and creating content masters in post-production to understand how we can help them simplify their workflow,” said Ian Valentine VP of products and strategy for the Tektronix Video Business unit at Telestream. The result of this close work is a complete toolset that includes solutions for HLG, PQ, and Dolby Vision events and projects.  

This new toolset not only includes additions like CIE Chart, False Color, and STOP Waveform (a new kind of waveform that displays in units of lights as a log scale), but it also includes more familiar tools like Diamond, Vector and a standard % waveform­—easing the learning curve when transitioning to these formats.

“Working in HDR and an expanded color space is new for everyone, but ultimately these challenges will demand a new workflow and we have a role to play to support the industry,” said Tsuyoshi Kitagawa, Product Manager at Telestream.  

As an example, the new software update includes a false color mode that can highlight the area in the picture display where the colors have exceeded the P3 gamut range which is critical in grading and QC’ing projects for Netflix requirements. Other questions that customers have asked such as ‘what % of the picture is in the HDR range’ (i.e. above 203 NITS) are now solved with objective tools that display this information or can clearly show this in a customizable false color mode.

The PRISM platform is a next generation family extension to the broad range of waveform monitors that Tektronix Video—now a business unit of Telestream—has developed to aid in similar transitions from Analog to Digital and from SD to HD. “We are only getting started with helping our customers create great looking content in UHD, HDR and WCG. We will continue to evolve with our customers and respond quickly with capabilities that meet or exceed the needs of our users. We are confident this new release is another great example of where we intend to invest in the future,” said Ian Valentine.

For more information on the complete toolset enabled by the PRISM Media Analysis Platform visit

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