TEKVOX Introduces Must-Have Upgrade for Web-Based Videoconferencing Users

TEKVOX, Inc. debuted its innovative ShareView™ technology for streamlining and empowering PC-based web videoconferencing.  ShareView allows meeting attendants who are in the same room to share sources to the web-based conference video stream, adding a capability previously reserved for proprietary and expensive professional videoconferencing systems.

Web-based videoconferencing typically allows active participants to share programs from their computer as long as each user who wants to share video is a participant in the call. For large meetings, multiple people in a single room sharing video simultaneously can lead to audio feedback, video issues, and greater bandwidth usage.

“Correcting this traditionally involves a complicated sequence of muting and un-muting multiple speakers and microphones, slowing and disrupting the meeting,” said TEKVOX founder and CTO Mike Slattery.  He added, “ShareView eliminates one of the top barriers that we see to ubiquitous adoption of PC-based videoconferencing systems.”

ShareView™ is a hardware/software bundle that is easily installed by non-technical users and corrects these issues by allowing local video sources to be shared within the web-based videoconference via a USB input stream for both video and audio. A single computer joins the meeting, and any additional sources needed can be connected locally, then transferred to the computer for sharing.  ShareView features a minimal user interface for selecting video and audio sources without cluttering the image being shared. It also re-sizes automatically to allow for simple and easy sizing and positioning of the window, all while maintaining the correct aspect ratio.

Available immediately via TEKVOX authorized dealers, ShareView™ offers a simple, elegant solution for turning a conference room with web-based videoconferencing into a professional videoconferencing system, ready to handle large meetings without interruption.

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