Selfbook Releases Station: Comprehensive Hub for Hotel Booking & Payment Orchestration

First-ever hospitality-focused platform to streamline process for hoteliers

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Selfbook, the Tiger Global and Amex Ventures backed technology company that is modernizing hotel payments and bookings, today announced its latest flagship product, Station. The first hospitality-focused platform harnessing financial technology to give hoteliers more control over their revenue, this product exists at the heart of Selfbook’s ecosystem. Station works in harmony with Selfbook’s Direct booking layer and newly released Express secure payment enablement to facilitate the hospitality journey as a whole, from the guest’s room selection to on-demand payouts for hotels.

Station is the arrivals hub for all facets of hotel bookings management and payment processing. This intuitive dashboard is the hospitality industry’s first platform designed to simplify the labor-intensive and manual systems that hoteliers typically use to manage bookings and process payments. Station automatically captures and processes all booking and payment data passed through Selfbook’s Direct and Express checkout interface and payment rails to ensure all information is securely handled within one environment.

Selfbook’s central mission is to revolutionize an outdated hotel booking and payment experience for guests and hoteliers alike. Station simplifies the unwieldy and time-consuming processes that hoteliers face behind the scenes when managing bookings and payments, while Direct and Express were created to modernize the booking and payment flow for end users.

Station’s key strengths lie in its ability to automatically schedule and process payments based on custom and dynamic rate plans, improve Selfbook’s fraud prevention capabilities, send payment links to recapture failed payments, and more. Within Station’s unified digital ecosystem, hotel admins can intuitively navigate bookings and associated rates and payments, add charges, trigger refunds, and request next-day payouts, enhancing financial control and visibility, all while saving time and effort.

Express, the second new addition to Selfbook’s stable of products, which is also launching, offers a variation of the guest-facing seamless booking experience offered by Direct. Crafted for hotels with custom booking engines, Express empowers hotels with plug-and-play payment blocks, streamlining the checkout experience without changing the look and feel of a hotel’s existing system. Express supports a custom combination of the fastest-growing payment methods including digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, global credit and debit cards, and Affirm’s ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ to create a checkout flow suited to each hotel’s preferences.

As a unit, Selfbook’s three core products offer a wealth of features crafted to drive revenue for hotels. From the option for guests to pay for their stay upon booking rather than at the hotel, reducing the likelihood of cancellation, to flexible cancellation policies offering guests a wider variety of refund windows, Selfbook brings a guest-first approach to hospitality that directly benefits hotels.

“Hotel arrival experiences are so often interrupted by immediate requests for the guest’s credit card. Our purpose in creating Station is to ensure that all payment orchestration happens securely behind the scenes to facilitate a truly hospitable and transaction-free check-in experience for guests every time they arrive at their destination,” said Khalid Meniri, Co-Founder and CEO of Selfbook.

“If time is wasted, your organization is losing money. For those of us who manage companies that may not be affiliated with global enterprises to support payment automation needs, Station is the answer,” said Sean Murphy, Managing Director at Hotel Esencia. “The immense value of data being stored in one place to enhance analytics, the ability to extend a seamless experience for guests, and reducing the tiresome chore of using multiple platforms to process one transaction is unmatched. At Hotel Esencia, Station is paving the way for us to perform at our highest level, and we certainly couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds!”

About Selfbook

Uniquely positioned at the intersection of fintech and hospitality, Selfbook revolutionizes hotel bookings and payments from the inside out. Working in tandem with hotels’ existing technology systems, Selfbook enhances what matters most to hotels, including direct conversion, revenue, cash flow control, and security. Built by a team of hospitality veterans, Selfbook’s products provide a refreshingly effortless user experience for guests and hoteliers alike. Selfbook is committed to empowering hotels worldwide with modern e-commerce solutions tailor-made for our industry.

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