IQS Enhances Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Enhanced Google Negative Keyword Program Would be First Among the Leading Industrial Search Engines & PPC Services

IQS, a global industrial manufacturers directory, has officially announced the availability of a Google Adwords ‘Pay-Per-Click’ (PPC) option as part their marketing program line-up with enhanced negative keyword coverage.  IQS has offered annual programs since 2000 and now with the introduction of this PPC program as an additional marketing choice, IQS will be the first industrial directory and manufacturing search engine to offer both annual programs along with enhanced negative keyword coverage along with utilizing leading edge Wordstream technology.

“We have always had a tradition of providing a great value for our advertisers,” said Mike Meiresonne, President of IQS, “and this program allows companies to get quality exposure, and control their monthly ad budget. With our 18 years of using Google Adwords in the industrial sector, we are able to provide detailed insights into these markets and how these markets work.”

As a result, Meiresonne has found that the greatest lost opportunity in Google’s Adwords program is the failure of not identifying negative keywords. Negative keywords are the keywords that do not convert in a Google Adwords program.  In some cases, according to Meiresonne, 40-50% of the PPC budget can be lost to not implementing negative keywords.

Meiresonne takes issue with the Google’s limit to their negative keywords at 5,000 which according to Meiresonne is not enough after IQS’ careful analysis of negative keyword types & categories, and as a result, IQS has developed major groups of negative keywords that can destroy a PPC budget if not implemented:

1)      Car and truck names and manufacturers

2)      Commercial and consumer names

3)      Numbers and dates

4)      Cities, counties and states

5)      Major manufacturers

6)      Competitors—a discretionary choice

7)      Miscellaneous

As an example, here are some of the negative keywords in the Miscellaneous category: brands, definition, description, picture, manual, dimension, diagram, display, element, definition, trade show, association, ……………and literally thousands more that destroy a budget.

Another example are manufacturers that primarily serve regional markets that do not need to advertise nationally thus adding negatives such as city, state, and counties for such markets as forgings, die castings, and investment castings along with other areas such as and

Products that sell on a national basis like and

In today’s marketplace, PPC has become an accepted and often preferred means of managing the cost of advertising with the proper application of Google negative keywords, Meiresonne adds that “the advantage IQS’ PPC program offers over PPC programs in Google, is the greater level of conversions from the cost savings from negative keywords.

IQS , like other industrial and manufacturing directories, has a variety of advertising options ranging from a free simple listing that only contains a company’s name and contact info, up to a more detailed display ad program that has a company’s entire catalog on the site. With IQS’s Pay-Per-Click offering, product and contract manufacturers, suppliers, and industrial service companies now have a means to economically and effectively find new customers. “Companies always appreciate a great value,” Meiresonne added. “With the addition of our PPC program, IQS is offering possibly the best advertising value in the industry.”

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