IPCMobile brings unlimited mobility to the payment market with QuantumPay

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, IPCMobile announced the launch of QuantumPay, a single-source enterprise payment platform set to revolutionize the way businesses take mobile payments.

“Time is money – and QuantumPay is designed to help businesses do more with both,” IPCMobile Founder and CEO Jeff Scott said. “This groundbreaking mobile point of sales platform is true to IPCMobile’s roots, while also reflecting our desire to be at the forefront of the enterprise mobility market.”

With QuantumPay, businesses will be Enterprise: Enabled. QuantumPay is a flexible, single-source payment platform that features versatile hardware, customizable software, and simplified pricing – all under one, U.S.-based roof. If they want, merchants can even bring their own processors – otherwise, IPCMobile has processor relationships in place.

“The idea of enhancing the consumer experience while at the same time increasing employee efficiency and overall job satisfaction is ultimately what the QuantumPay platform provides,” Director of Payments Adam Miller said. “The marketplace for implementing an enterprise mobile payments strategy typically requires multiple vendors. IPCMobile simplified this by creating a single solution that also provides customers the option to bring their payment processor of choice.”

Most payment solutions are enterprise-ready: They’re scalable and rugged, and they offer some degree of flexibility. But what does it take to be truly Enterprise: Enabled? It’s about ease of implementation. It’s about speed to deployment. And it’s about a robust system of reporting and analytics – so merchants get a clear view of their businesses’ past, present, and future.

To provide the highest level of consumer satisfaction, IPCMobile manufactures its payment devices in Europe, while software development is U.S.- and U.K.-based. Sales, service, deployment and support are facilitated out of IPCMobile’s Irvine, Calif., offices. This enables IPCMobile to maintain a customer experience that is unique to the payment software and device manufacturing space.

Take Payments Anywhere – Literally

With QuantumPay, payments go to wherever the customer is. By never having to leave the customer or direct them to a stationary checkout point, customer interactions are more seamless, allowing for sales conversations to continue.

Offline Payments

No connection? No problem. With QuantumPay, business doesn’t stop just because a merchant might be out of Wi-Fi or cellular range. The platform’s store-and-forward technology allows merchants to run transactions while not connected to the internet; the system will request an authorization when connectivity is reestablished. If a card is declined, QuantumPay allows merchants to automatically resubmit the transaction every few days until the transaction is successfully processed.

Flexible Payment Options

Customers love options when they shop, so why not give them options when it’s time to pay? QuantumPay’s in-person credit card options include magnetic stripe (MSR), contactless NFC-enabled payments and EMV chip-enabled processing. A browser-based payment option is also available.

Devices: Cutting-edge, on the Edge

One device does not fit all enterprises. For that reason, IPCMobile offers four lines of payment devices that fit each organization’s needs depending on their unique set of payment requirements. QuantumPay leverages BYOD (bring your own device) abilities with three of our four payment device lines:

  • The Reader series offers maximum flexibility with options for phone, tablet or kiosk form factors. It’s a compact and cost-effective way of implementing or upgrading your current mobile payment strategy.
  • The Connected series is thoughtfully crafted to pair with iOS devices and offers an optional scan engine for the scan-and-pay workflow.
  • The PIN series provides the user with a tactile number pad, color screen and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The Pro series are Android payment terminals that maximize portability with features like an optimized 5-inch touchscreen, optional integrated barcode scanner and built-in receipt printing.

Intuitive Software

Ease of implementation: IPCMobile’s software team looked at the market and set out to build a platform that was both simple to implement and Enterprise: Enabled. With these principles in mind, they developed QuantumPay’s RDK (Rapid Development Kit) for out-of-the-box deployment with customizable features to fit each organization’s requirements. Multiple operating systems are supported, including iOS, Android and HTML.

Administrative tools: The QuantumPay Portal leverages the IQ software suite to facilitate a robust estate management software suite that includes remote device management, configuration and role-based user security settings. The transaction dashboard provides data on processing activity in terms of approved, declined, and errors by period (daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly with year-on-year comparisons).

To learn more about QuantumPay, please visit the QuantumPay product page.

About IPCMobile

IPCMobile (founded as Infinite Peripherals) empowers businesses to operate more efficiently through next-generation enterprise mobility solutions. The company has more than 29 years of mobility expertise providing scalable, customized solutions to a range of industries including retail, healthcare, supply chain and logistics, hospitality, and travel. From cloud-based inventory software to fully integrated payment processing solutions, IPCMobile mobilizes companies to do business anywhere, anytime. Thanks to more than two million solutions deployed, IPCMobile allows companies to go paperless and is fully committed to helping reduce carbon footprints and energy consumption in businesses everywhere. With mobility, the possibilities are infinite. For more information, please visit ipcmobile.com.

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Tolgar Alpagut, Vice President of Marketing

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