BioBam Announces at PAG30 the Latest Version of OmicsBox 3 With Its New Genetic Variation Module

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BioBam launches the latest version of its bioinformatics software OmicsBox 3.0, with the new genetic variation module to be exhibited at the International Plant and Animal Genome Conference.

BioBam will showcase its latest advancement at the largest AG-Genomics meeting in the world.

The main highlight of OmicsBox version 3.0 is its new Genetic Variation Module which allows for performing variant calling, filtering, and annotation, as well as associating genetic variations with a particular trait or disease via genome-wide association studies.

Dr. Stefan Götz, CEO said: “To be able to analyze genetic variation with OmicsBox is highly requested by our user community and something that has been on our roadmap for a long time. It makes me especially happy to be now able to announce a robust and highly efficient combination of state-of-the-art tools for performing genetic variation analysis within OmicsBox. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing how this module will assist our users in advancing their research and making faster discoveries.”

The module offers two different analysis strategies for variant calling and filtering. Many options are available to adjust the analysis to specific methodologies like e.g GBS vs WGS or different requirements like the level of ploidy, genome coverage, or the presence of repetitive regions. This combination of tools has been shown to outperform alternative pipelines in several recent review studies (e.g. Nature Sci. Rep. 12, 11331 (2022)). The module also allows for the execution of guided genome-wide association studies (GWAS) to identify genetic variations associated with a particular trait. More details about the novel Genetic Variation module can be found here: BioBam’s Website

About OmicsBox:

OmicsBox is a leading bioinformatics solution that offers end-to-end NGS data analysis of genomes, transcriptomes, and metagenomes. The application is used by top private and public research institutions worldwide and allows researchers to easily process large and complex data sets, and streamline their analysis process. It is designed to be user-friendly, efficient, and with a powerful set of tools to extract biological insights from omics data.

The software is structured in different modules, each with a specific set of tools and functions designed to perform different types of analysis, such as de-novo genome assemblies, genetic variation analysis, differential expression analysis, and taxonomic classifications of microbiome data, including the functional interpretation and rich visualizations of results. The functional analysis module, which includes the popular Blast2GO annotation methodology makes OmicsBox particularly suited for non-model organism research. Over 15k scientific research citations demonstrate this. OmicsBox works out of the box on any standard PC or laptop with Windows, Linux, or Mac.

About BioBam:

BioBam is a leading bioinformatics company that provides innovative software solutions to accelerate genomics research. The company is dedicated to developing user-friendly and powerful bioinformatics tools that simplify data analysis for researchers, empowering them to focus on data interpretation and explore new insights. BioBam aims to close the technology gap between state-of-the-art bioinformatics and applied genomics research, by transforming complex data analysis into intuitive and interactive tasks that facilitate scientific advancement.

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Stefan Götz, CEO

BioBam Bioinformatics S.L.

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