Helmut.Cloud from MoovIT Launched at NAB 2024, Partners with U.S.-based CHESA

During this year’s NAB Show, first-time exhibitor MoovIT successfully unveiled Helmut.Cloud, a new platform designed to automate, integrate and connect workflows in video production environments and beyond. As the company focuses its efforts on the American market, MoovIT is working closely with CHESA, a system integration specialist and solution partner for professional media workflows based in the US.

“All tasks within a video production process are ultimately part of a workflow, regardless of the type and size of a company,” said Rafael Gala, Product Manager, MoovIT.  “Well-defined workflows are also the basis for organizing teams and tasks.”

This guiding principle has been central to MoovIT’s development of its Helmut4 video project management software, designed primarily for Adobe video production environments with Premiere Pro and After Effects.

With the launch of Helmut.Cloud, MoovIT has taken the next step – opening an unlimited field for workflow design and orchestration, above and beyond system boundaries. Again, the focus is on an event that triggers a process. Teams, tasks and workflows are assigned to this process, with Helmut.Cloud providing the necessary technical foundations.

Watch as MoovIT Product Manager Rafael Gala describes the basic principles of the Helmut.Cloud platform here

Workflow orchestration with Helmut.Cloud

The new Helmut.Cloud solution is offered via a software-as-a-service model. It offers business users and broadcasters a toolkit that make workflows easier, faster and more efficient to design and orchestrate. Thanks to Helmut.Cloud’s open architecture, users can integrate any required software directly into the workflow. This means that Helmut.Cloud is not only suitable for the media industry but can also be deployed by any enterprise seeking to easily automate and connect production environments, or to create or program customized workflows.

Components of Helmut.Cloud

High5: The High5 workflow orchestration tool is an application in Helmut.Cloud that allows users to define events and trigger workflows. It offers a dashboard for monitoring these workflows and enables them to be executed on a variety of computers – either on-premises or in the cloud.

Stream Designer Studio: This tool can be used to design workflows, either independently or by using the provided nodes.

Agent: With the Helmut.Cloud Agent, workflows can be executed on a range of different operating systems. It makes Helmut.Cloud a powerful platform for workflow distribution – whether on-premises, hybrid or fully cloud-based.

Helmut.Cloud in use

MoovIT compares the potential of Helmut.Cloud with robotic process automation in other industries and sees the platform as a way of opening up new opportunities in the media industry. 

“It is MoovIT’s philosophy that all tasks within a video production process can be defined as a combination of workflows, regardless of the type and size of a company. Challenges lead to new ideas, ideas lead to solutions, and solutions lead to workflows. Triggered by any event, good workflows are therefore the basis for organizing teams, tasks and solutions,” says David Merzenich, Managing Director at MoovIT MSP.

This core principle has been key to the successful development of Helmut4, the project management software with FX, IO, Cosmo and Housekeeper components for efficient management, backup and control of editing projects in professional Adobe video production environments. Helmut4 has successfully established itself across the European video production industry, and is considered as a game-changer by customers making the switch from the Avid world to the Adobe landscape.

In this video, Rafael Gala, Product Manager, explains how this automation works, and demonstrates just how easy it is to use Helmut.Cloud to design workflows with diverse software and process steps.

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