Haversine Funding Announces Podcast Rebrand and Extension into 2025: ‘In Focus with Haversine’ to Offer Deeper Insight into Specialty Finance

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Haversine Funding, a leader in the specialty finance industry, today announced the rebranding of its thought-provoking and informative podcast. Originally launched as “OnDeck with Haversine” anticipating a limited run, the overwhelming viewer response has inspired its extension well into 2025. The show will now shift to a broader, in-depth exploration of the specialty finance industry under the new title, “In Focus with Haversine.”

“This rebrand is a huge win for us and our listeners as we couldn’t have continued this without their views and feedback,” said host, Nolan Reichert, vice president and head of originations for Haversine. “I’m excited to continue to explore the space and learn along the way with our audience.”

“In Focus with Haversine” will zoom in on niche lending sectors within the space, while still featuring insightful interviews and inspiring stories. The podcast will continue to dive into strategies and trends that shape this critical industry. From global strategies to customer experiences, viewers will gain a broader understanding of the forces influencing specialty finance lenders and the businesses they serve.

“We’re thrilled by the support that has put us in the top 20% of podcasts – a true testament to our dedicated listeners and fantastic guests,” said Stan Vukmer, founder and CEO at Haversine. “Their enthusiasm has fueled our decision to not only extend the podcast but to rebrand with an expanded focus on the fascinating world of specialty finance. We’re excited to continue delivering value and insights to this growing community.”

About Haversine

Haversine Management and its subsidiaries, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, exist to provide fast, fair and flexible funding solutions to commercial lenders. Formed in 2018, Haversine helps factors, asset-based lenders, inventory, purchase order, equipment and real estate lenders fill funding gaps by providing senior and junior lender finance lines of credit up to $25,000,000, as well as participation program options. Haversine also launched Lead Line, a referral, lead generation platform where we help facilitate funding for small and mid-sized businesses within our vast network of lending clients and partners and recently released a new podcast. To learn more about Haversine, visit HaversineFunding.com or check out our podcast available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Google Podcasts and LinkedIn.


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