Gradia Health Secures $4.2M in Seed Funding to Improve Ongoing Care for Patients With Chronic Conditions

The platform is set to reinvigorate patient-physician communication pathways by partnering directly with brick-and-mortar practices to deliver superior virtual care beyond the doctor’s office

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gradia Health, the integrated concierge care platform designed for clinics to support patients with chronic conditions, today announced its seed funding totaling $4.2M. The round was led by Adrian Fenty at MaC Venture Capital with participation from YCombinator, Soma Capital, Atlanta Ventures and several angel investors, including Gene Lee (Ramp), Eric Feldman (Bolt), David Tsao (BillionToOne), Austen Allred (Bloomtech), Juan Benet and Jesse Clayburgh (Protocol Labs) and Jude Gomila (Golden). Gradia provides a virtual extension to clinics that helps physicians delegate and deliver concierge care. Gradia intends to utilize the latest funding to scale its platform, build its team, and perfect its care pathways alongside physicians to capture their customer demand.

In today’s healthcare landscape, patients with chronic conditions often need continuous care and support after leaving the clinic. However, due to bandwidth, staffing, and software constraints, physicians often aren’t able to provide this support at scale. Gradia addresses this gap by acting as a bridge between in-person clinic appointments, providing physicians with the necessary tools to delegate and virtually monitor patient care more effectively. The innovative platform allows physicians to deploy and manage specialized virtual care teams consisting of dietitians and nurses who closely collaborate with patients between their in-person appointments, augmenting traditional brick-and-mortar practices. This enhanced oversight has the potential to improve patient outcomes, significantly reduce the overall costs of delivering care, and give physicians the ability to go above and beyond for their patients, ultimately bringing more joy to their profession.

“Chronic conditions require consistent and comprehensive care beyond the traditional clinical setting. However, the immense potential of post-clinic patient care solutions remains largely unexplored and frequently overlooked, with the privilege of concierge care being limited to an exceedingly small patient demographic,” said Rithvik Seela, CEO and co-founder of Gradia Health. “Our platform seeks to bridge this gap, offering patients a way to stay informed about their care status, easily communicate with their providers, and get direct access to specialized, virtual care teams. At Gradia, our vision is to extend physicians’ capabilities and empower them to deliver a superior, continuous care experience that every patient not only needs but also deserves.”

Rithvik and his co-founder, Andrew Zelaya, started Gradia in 2021 after attending Stanford, where they studied computer science. Together, they spent thousands of hours in clinics, and quickly realized that patient care needed to be more cohesive and extend far beyond the clinic appointment. Knowing that there needed to be a better way to track, monitor and deliver post-clinic care, they dropped out of school to begin this journey to pioneer a new evolution of the patient care journey. Today, Gradia Health’s software is redesigning the patient experience, with the company on a mission to deliver high-quality, ongoing personalized care for all patients in need.

“Gradia is changing the healthcare landscape and taking a hands-on approach to provide patients with the proper attention they need once they leave the clinic,” said Adrian Fenty, General Partner at MaC Venture Capital. “What makes Gradia truly unique is that the platform builds the foundation to create a new standard for physician care — oftentimes, once patients leave the clinic, they’re typically not left with the tools to manage their ongoing care and wellbeing. Gradia Health is working to solve that problem. We’re thrilled to support them as they continue to improve post-clinic patient care and build software to help physicians feel that they have superpowers.”

Gradia partners with several multi-provider clinics that serve thousands of the 60-70 million Americans who have chronic GI conditions, including IBS, GERD, fatty liver and more. The concierge care platform plans to triple its patient base by the end of the year, and also aims to expand its offering to other specialties and refine its integrated care pathways in collaboration with physicians to meet patient demand.

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About Gradia Health

Gradia Health is an integrated concierge care platform designed for clinics to provide ongoing high-touch care. Partnering directly with brick-and-mortar practices, Gradia gives physicians the software to deploy and manage virtual, specialized care teams of dietitians and nurses that work closely with patients between in-person appointments. Co-founded by Rithvik Seela and Andrew Zelaya in 2021, the company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. To learn more, visit


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