Future Technologies Announces Expansion of Management Team to Accelerate Private Wireless Growth

The company expects continued growth of more than 25% YoY related to Private Wireless in the Enterprise and Government Business Units

SUWANEE, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Future Technologies Venture, LLC (“Future Technologies”) today announced the expansion of the company’s leadership team across the organization to meet the growing demands for private wireless networks across both of the Enterprise and Government business units.

“Future Technologies is very excited to announce the expansion of our leadership to help the company actualize our full potential in this growth space related to Private Wireless,” said Peter Cappiello, CEO. “The growth of the company is directly correlated to our leadership team and team members ability to meet and/or exceed the obligations of our 24-year-old brand of safety, quality, innovation, agility and grit. In making these leadership changes, we believe we have the right people in the right positions to execute on this commitment to our clients,” Mr. Cappiello continued.

Future Technologies is an Atlanta, GA-based Lead System Integrator focused on requirement definition, design, procurement, deployment, and sustainment of private network solutions for their Fortune 5000 and Federal Government clients. Future Technologies has also invested in an Atlanta, GA-based Living Lab to provide an end-to-end showcase of the Private 5G solutions, Edge Computing/MEC and, most importantly, industry-specific use cases, such as Connected Worker, Telemetry, Instrumentation Connectivity, Remote Worker, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality, Asset Health, Inventory Management, Computer Vision, IoT Sensors, Robotics and other solutions.

Management Team Updates:

  • Gary Hill – Chief Operating Officer
  • Paul Ruddy – Chief Information Officer
  • Scott McCullars – Chief Financial Officer
  • Ian Chan – President of Enterprise Business Unit
  • Robert Justice – President of Government Business Unit
  • Chris Cappiello – Chief Revenue Officer
  • Dave Rumore – Partner & Senior Vice President
  • Nino Canu – Partner & Senior Vice President
  • Eric Dalton – Head of Pre-Sales
  • Val Sciortino – Head of Site Development
  • Deepa Jagannatha – Head of Engineering
  • Robert Vergona – Head of Project Management
  • Malcheline Holguin – Controller
  • Nelson Barber – Project Manager
  • Scotty Waters – FSO Manager

The company is looking forward to continued partnership with our clients with these new leaders in place to help execute on this mission statement:

“Today is a proud day for me as the founder as we continue to expand our leadership team and grow our business in partnership with our team members and, most importantly, our collaborations with our clients on their digital journeys,” said Nino Canu, Founder.

“After 20 years of professional experience in the telecommunications industry, I joined Future Technologies to apply my knowledge and experience to enable these Mobile Private Networks to be designed, implemented, and operated at the highest level. I am excited for this journey to partner with our clients to digitally transform their workspace to these next generation networks,” said Deepa Jagannatha, Head of Engineering.

“Based on my 12 years of experience as both a client and then as the Chief Technology Officer, I believe Future Technologies is truly in a unique position to consult, design, deliver and sustain for clients. With over 13 years of private cellular experience as a company, we are situated very well to be a leader in this space,” said Robert Justice, President – Government Business Unit.

“Over the past 11 years with the company, I have seen our growth in each of the vertical markets we have focused on through our co-creation / partnership model with our clients to help them succeed on this digital transformation journey. Through these experiences we have built unique domain expertise across the military, industrial and consumer markets,” said Chris Cappiello, Chief Revenue Officer.

“I am excited for this opportunity to help our private network clients continue their digital transformation while leveraging our best practice network delivery capabilities to include Site Development. Over the past 4 year’s we have focused on creating a Site Development delivery model for Site Acquisition, Architectural & Engineering, Regulatory and Environmental services to help streamline the delivery of these mission critical private networks,” said Val Sciortino, Head of Site Development.

“With over 20 years of related wireless experience, I am most excited about what is to come here at Future Technologies. We are in a unique position to help our clients define their requirements and execute on what is possible to help them digitally transform their way of working and realize their operational potential,” said Eric Dalton, Head of Presales.

To learn more about what is possible with Private Network Solutions, click the link below to request a Virtual or In-Person tour of the Living Lab please contact: Request a Tour

About Future Technologies Venture, LLC

Future Technologies Venture, LLC has over 24 years’ experience as an End-to-end solution provider, specializing in the assessment, planning, design, implementation, and support of innovative communications solutions. Future Technologies maintains a strong concentration on emerging standards such as 5G, 4G, Private LTE, WIFI, SCADA and Automation technologies. Through this practice and our knowledge of legacy solutions (2G, 3G, 2-Way, TDM) and Broadband Wireless solutions, Fiber Backbone and FTTX, Future Technologies consistently distinguishes itself as an industry expert in all aspects of customer network evolution for PRIVATE and PUBLIC network infrastructure projects throughout the US and International markets. Future Technologies is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.


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