Frontdoor Launches Marketing Campaign to Support Innovative New Service Offering

One-Stop-App for Home Maintenance and Repair Launches Nationwide in mid-April

MEMPHIS, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Frontdoor, Inc. (NASDAQ: FTDR), the nation’s leading provider of home service plans, today announced a national advertising and marketing campaign to support the launch of the Frontdoor brand, a cutting edge, one-stop-app for home repair and maintenance.

Enabled by Frontdoor’s proprietary Streem video technology, Frontdoor is an app that empowers homeowners to tackle their home repair and maintenance tasks by connecting them with a pre-qualified expert via video chat who can help diagnose and solve their problems in real time. Frontdoor will also offer homeowners a range of other benefits including DIY tips, maintenance reminders, exclusive discounts on certain system replacements, special pricing on home products and services, and more. The app has membership plans for every homeowner including a free plan with no commitment, and will be available for download through the Apple App Store and Google Play in mid-April.

We are very excited about this campaign. The creative promoting Frontdoor and its video chat feature evokes not only the emotion of being ‘done sweet done,’ but also the rewarding feeling of fixing a nagging home repair or maintenance issue,” said Kathy Collins, Frontdoor’s chief marketing officer. “And homeowners can do it all through the convenience of their phones. They don’t have to spend time getting bids or reading online reviews. They simply ‘open the frontdoor’ through our app to an entirely new, best in class solution that will surprise and delight homeowners.”

Frontdoor partnered with Fallon and Chemistry to highlight the app’s diverse capabilities that resonate with today’s tech-savvy homeowner. Fallon has been Frontdoor’s creative agency of record since August 2022 and the agency supported the marketing strategy and content for the campaign.

Frontdoor is directly pep-talking homeowners with this launch campaign. Getting stuff done is empowering. That feeling of control is an epic celebration,” says Melissa Hoke, creative director at Fallon. Her partner, Emily Swenson, adds, “These spots are how the entire category should be making people feel. Frontdoor is a first in many ways.”

The creative campaign focuses on the immense pleasure homeowners take in knocking things off their to-do list, and how Frontdoor is bringing human expertise to home services with the ability to video chat with an expert in real-time. Featuring popular songs from the 1980s and 90s with reworked lyrics, the ads convey the joy homeowners feel when they use the app to video chat with an expert, get their problem diagnosed and perhaps solved in real time, then and there by the expert, and if repairs are needed, to be provided with a list of Frontdoor’s local, vetted professional contractors to perform the necessary work.

Intertwined with the creative, Fallon was intentional in casting talent that was representative of today’s homeowners by breaking stereotypes and making it clear that all homeowners – whether they need a little bit of help or a lot – can benefit from the app.

People are going to see this campaign is different. It stands out from the typical ‘sea of sameness’ advertising you see from other home service providers because it deals with common household challenges in a fun, empowering way, and it opens homeowners’ eyes to a much better customer experience,” Collins said

Chemistry serves as Frontdoor’s agency support for digital, media, social media and public relations, and helped create the website and app.

Chemistry was a key partner to the Frontdoor team in helping design and develop the user experience for the app and the new website. We’re also playing a big role in helping Frontdoor generate consumer interest across paid, earned and owned channels,” said Chuck Barkey, Chemistry’s group creative director. “This is a fully integrated campaign and we are proud to be part of something that will help homeowners understand that now they are never alone with their home projects – not with the Frontdoor app.”

The campaign launched last week and will ramp up over the coming weeks across broadcast, digital, CRM, and social media channels.

Our campaign will meet consumers where they are based on their media habits. We will have a steady presence across the most prominent networks and platforms, with a heavy focus on digital channels,” Collins said.

Additionally, Collins said the brand has partnered with large national properties, brands and networks to leverage their scale and brand affinity. Those partnerships will be announced later.

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Frontdoor is reimagining how homeowners maintain and repair their most valuable asset – their home. As the parent company of two leading brands, we bring over 50 years of experience in providing our members with comprehensive options to protect their homes from costly and unexpected breakdowns through our extensive network of pre-qualified professional contractors. American Home Shield, the category leader in home service plans with approximately two million members, gives homeowners budget protection and convenience, covering up to 23 essential home systems and appliances. Frontdoor is a cutting edge, one-stop-app for home repair and maintenance. Enabled by our Streem technology, the app empowers homeowners by connecting them in real time through video chat with pre-qualified experts to diagnose and solve their problems. The Frontdoor app also offers homeowners a range of other benefits including DIY tips, discounts and more. For more information about American Home Shield and Frontdoor, please visit (soon to be

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