Cooke Announces the New SP3 Full Frame Cine Lens Line; More Info at B&H Photo

Video News: Five New Lenses for the modern-day full-frame mirrorless, inspired by the Speed Panchro

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AppleB&H Photo is pleased to announce the release of the new SP3 Full Frame Cine Lenses. Cooke invites you to partake in this nostalgia with these Speed Panchro inspired lenses, which have been optimized for your mirrorless camera.

The SP3 lens series features five total lenses—25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm—and a 5-lens kit with all available focal lengths and a heavy-duty case to carry them all. The lenses feature a native E-mount for attachment to your compatible full frame camera and will be available in other mounts such as RF and L in the future. A 9-blade iris and T2.4 to T16 aperture range renders a cinematic bokeh and greater depth of field control. Accurate skin tone and heightened contrast render realistic and natural images in your next short film.

Cooke SP3 Full Frame Cine Lenses

Optical coatings on each lens help control lens flares and create matched color across the entire set for a consistent look to your footage. Focus and iris rings across all focus lengths are aligned for efficient lens switching without needing to recalibrate your follow focus motors. The SP3 lenses also match up with the Panchro/i Classic Prime Lenses for easy integration with your preexisting loadout.

Familiar, industry-standard mechanical interfaces and a lightweight yet durable anodized shell allow the SP3 to easily function as your main cine lens. Their lightweight form factor makes them drone-mountable and capable of capturing high-flying cinematic panoramas.

Learn more about the Cooke Cine Lenses Line at B&H Explora

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