CineSys partners with Keyavi for game changing data protection

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CIO–Today CineSys LLC announced their partnership with intelligent data security innovator Keyavi Data Corp.

Keyavi is disrupting the current cyber security market by being the first company to offer self-protecting, intelligent, and self-aware data protection. CineSys and Keyavi are working together to bring this paradigm shift to the Media and Entertainment community to solve the persistent problem of data leaks throughout the industry. Together CineSys and Keyavi will provide studios and creatives full control over their creations with policy-based controls, such as user (who), geo-location (where), time (when), and more. Protected data remains under its owners’ control in perpetuity, making the possibility of unauthorized access and leaks impossible. Each and every protected file will capture real-time logging of access attempts, policy violations, and policy changes giving data owners full visibility, custody, and control over their sensitive information.

“The concept of self-protecting data was just a dream a year ago! We are very excited to Partner with Keyavi and represent their game changing product for the Media and Entertainment industry. With Keyavi, you can eliminate the risk of data loss with self-protecting files, knowing that the underlying protection is embedded, wherever the data travels. CineSys is looking forward to helping protect our customers’ data for an unprecedented peace of mind.”

Michael Flanigan Co-CEO of CineSys

CineSys is a Broadcast and Media Systems Integrator with over 25 years of IT experience in the Media and Entertainment industry, providing innovative technology and support for digital content creators across North America. Partnering with Keyavi will enable CineSys to offer their customers the protection they need, so that they in turn can focus on the creative process.

“As a lifelong movie fan, and a 30+ year veteran of cybersecurity, it’s intolerable to see the hard work of so many dedicated creatives get spoiled by a few individuals that want to profit off of stolen content. Sharing scripts, dialogues, and videos online prior to release costs production companies millions. That’s why I’m proud that Keyavi is partnering with CineSys, an incredible innovator, to bring self-protecting, intelligent, and self-reporting data to the media and entertainment industry. For the first time, studios and production companies will be able to securely control their content throughout its entire lifecycle, ending content theft for good!”

Elliot Lewis CEO of Keyavi


About Keyavi

Headquartered in Durango, Colorado, Keyavi is a multi-award winning cybersecurity innovator that has engineered self-protecting, intelligent and self-aware data technologies. Keyavi’s API platform enables individual files of data to assess heuristic conditions; secure itself; control where, when and who is allowed to access it; refuse access to unauthorized users; and report chain of custody back to its owner. All of these capabilities are built into the data itself, which allows creators to allow, revoke or deny access to data – no matter who has it, on any platform or device or where it’s stored, or how many copies exist. For more info visit

About CineSys

CineSys is a Broadcast and Media Systems Integrator providing solutions, integration and support for digital content creators across North America. With decades of IT experience and a foundation in M&E, we serve a range of industries from broadcast and post production to government, corporate, agency, houses of worship and sports. Our goal is to help companies get the most out of their technology investment, to accelerate workflows with cutting edge technology and strengthen infrastructures.


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