YR Media’s Adult ISH Podcast, Part of Radiotopia from PRX, Brings Humor, Heart, and a New Co-Host in A New Season Beginning Today

Dominique French joins Nyge Turner as Co-Host of Season 8

OAKLAND, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#YRMediaAdult ISH, the award-winning advice, culture, and storytelling podcast, is back. As part of an all-new season starting today, Dominique “Dom” French joins Nyge Turner as co-host. French is based in Atlanta and a proud Black/femme/disabled artist with a background in theater and music. BIPOC creators in their 20s, together, French and Turner bring honesty, humor, and humility to the show–now in its eighth season–as they dissect the adulting journey without sugarcoating. Adult ISH is produced by YR Media and brought to audiences in partnership with the Radiotopia podcast network from PRX.

New episodes drop every Thursday, starting today––October 13, 2022––through December 15, 2022. The season will feature stories of cheating, love, reproductive rights, and new experiences. Turner and French tackle the ups and downs of their own lives while roping in their peers and notable guests for candid conversations on taboo subjects, lively storytelling, and unfiltered advice on a range of subjects, including:

  • Why do we cheat? We don’t hear stories of people cheating–-in school, contests, or relationships–very often. So, Turner and French get into it, stigma and all. This episode unpacks expectations of perfection in hopes of getting at the heart of a very human behavior.
  • How do you follow your dreams? When you’re young, decision-making can feel incredibly high stakes, especially around your career. What if you pick the wrong job, and you’re feeling stuck? In this episode, we bust some life-path myths through conversations with people who have sharply pivoted from the norm to follow their dreams.
  • How do you navigate interracial relationships? Turner, French, and special guests discuss the experiences they’ve had as people of color in the dating world–-the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Am I Black enough? Does any Black person ever feel like they are “Black enough” at any point in time? Perfectly executing the mixture of holding down their community, performing Blackness, code switching, and more? We get into it.

“When I started in podcasting, ‘The Read,’ ‘The Stoop,’ and ‘The Nod’ were shows I really looked up to with Black voices at the forefront,” said Turner. “And now with Dom joining Adult ISH as co-host, I’m excited for the people and shows that we can inspire.”

”Getting to do this show with Nyge is a dream come true,” said French. “The sense of community, play, and homeyship is unparalleled and long-awaited. I think people will have as much fun and get as much support out of it as we do.”

Adult ISH is beyond a podcast, it’s an influential force,” said Kyra Kyles, CEO, YR Media. “We are excited about our new co-hosting line-up and the provocative topics they’ll explore together.”

Adult ISH is available for free across all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, TuneIn, Overcast, and Amazon Music.

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About Nyge Turner

Nygel Turner (he/him) is an Oakland, California-based creator of “Not Your Father’s Podcast” and YouTube series “Not Your Mama’s Kitchen.” His audio and written work has also appeared in The Guardian, Snap Judgment and the CBC. Nyge is the only person in Oakland who has never lost an argument. And he’s proud of a recent adulting milestone: upgrading to his first brand new car — the jeep he’s always wanted.

About Dominique French

Dominique “Dom” French (she/they) is a Black/ femme/ disabled Northwestern University graduate with a dual degree in theatre and anthropology. Dominique has collaborated with the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and contributed to the Smithsonian Anthology of Hip-Hop and Rap. When she is not producing and developing podcasts that explore race, gender and culture, you can find her napping through a scary movie. But shhh! She’s sleeping!

About Adult ISH

Adult ISH was created in 2018 by Peabody Award-winning YR Media (formerly Youth Radio), after a national talent search. Named by CNN and Discover Pods as an unmissable podcast raising marginalized voices, Adult ISH has been deemed essential listening by The New York Times, AV Club, and Harper’s Bazaar. Recently, Adult ISH was featured in Romper and was a finalist for the 2021 Ambie Awards. It also won a Public Media Journalists Association award for podcasts. Colorlines stated, “It helps to hear others, who speak the same awkward language, open up about friendship, immigration, therapy, birth control, and more. That’s where Adult ISH comes in.”

About YR Media

YR Media (formerly Youth Radio), is an award-winning leading media, technology, and music training center and platform for emerging BIPOC content creators, who use their voices to change the world. Headquartered in downtown Oakland, California, the non-profit has invested almost 30 years in helping future generations build foundational skills in journalism and multimedia content creation. They produce journalism, music, graphic design, podcasts, and documentaries that disrupt and shape the mainstream narrative.

About Radiotopia from PRX

Created in 2014, Radiotopia from PRX is today one of the most creative and successful podcast networks. Radiotopia has received recognition from the Peabody Awards, the duPont-Columbia Awards, the Tribeca Festival, and the Pulitzer Prizes. Composed of acclaimed titles from leading indie producers, Radiotopia has also been named one of the most innovative companies in media by “Fast Company” and in 2019 was named the network of the year in the inaugural “Adweek” podcast awards. Visit Radiotopia.fm for more.


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