WorldStage Invests in Groundbreaking Brompton Hydra System for Dynamic Calibration of LED Displays

WorldStage has become one of the first companies to acquire Brompton Technology’s Hydra System, a groundbreaking new Dynamic Calibration solution for LED displays.

“WorldStage is recognized for our consistent leadership in LED displays by offering a wide range of top-of-the-line products,” says WorldStage President and CEO Gary Standard.  “It’s essential that we maintain our LED fleet at superior levels. High Dynamic Range (HDR) is the gold standard in LED display quality that very few can offer.  Brompton Technology is a great partner and their new Hydra System will enable WorldStage to provide our customers with the highest quality LED displays in the industry.”

Dynamic Calibration is a revolutionary new approach to unlocking the full potential of LED Displays.  While commonly used industry calibration methods achieve uniformity by reducing brightness and sacrificing color gamut to the lowest level for the sake of uniformity, Brompton’s Hydra System is designed to elevate LED displays to previously unthinkable levels of quality.

“Hydra is a completely new approach to calibration that keeps LED products looking great for a longer period of time,” says Josh Perlman, Director of LED Services at WorldStage.  “Hydra maximizes color saturation, brightness and balance to deliver the best image possible. Other providers have claimed HDR before but Brompton is the first to actually provide it,” notes Perlman.

“We are delighted that WorldStage is an early adopter of Dynamic Calibration with our Hydra system,” says Rob Fowler at Brompton Technology.  “We expect our ground-breaking new system will further enhance the visual performance of their extensive Brompton inventory and lead to even higher levels of customer satisfaction.”

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