WorldStage Introduces Game-Changing, Lightweight, Large-Format LED Platform: StageJack

WorldStage has unveiled StageJack, the company’s revolutionary new lightweight, large-format LED video tile platform.   StageJack features large, lightweight modular panels that install quickly saving both time and labor costs.  The purpose-built design and cost savings will enable more customers to add immersive, large-format video to their creative toolbox. 

StageJack’s easy-to-install panels forgo the heavy subframe of current LED technology and feature a NextGen modular design, installing 60 percent faster than traditional LED products.  The carbon fiber panels are also 50 percent lighter than traditional LED panels allowing video walls to be used at venues and in locations where weight was once a disqualifier.

“WorldStage has a reputation for innovation and invention.  The launch of StageJack is a game-changer,” says WorldStage CEO Gary Standard.  “While we offer an array of LED video products and services to our customers, we recognize the need for solutions that help solve some of the inherent problems in our industry, specifically time and money.  With the introduction of StageJack we have helped bring to market an LED option that is bigger, lighter, faster to install and easy on the bottom line.” 

This first generation of StageJack LED video tiles have a 4.6mm pixel pitch and 256PX x 256PX pixel dimensions.  They measure 1200mm square (47.244 inches) and weigh only 66 lbs.  

“There’s nothing like StageJack! The panel size and weight open a lot of new options due to ease of installation,” notes Josh Perlman, Director of LED at WorldStage. “Although we’ve lowered the weight of the panels they remain rigid and robust. We listened to our clients who are very space conscious and reduced the space required for an LED wall from 4’ down to under 2.5.’”

The unique features of StageJack make LED video scenery affordable and easy to install for productions and venues where traditional LED video walls would have been too expensive to consider. “WorldStage does work from Broadway to corporate theater. When you look at the designs out there, the scale and ambition of the LED displays at all levels indicated that a new solution was required: Something designed from scratch to do these large video surfaces at events that also delivers a true digital scenic product for stage designers,” says Matt Ward, Chief Technology Officer at WorldStage.  

Tradeshow booths, lobby areas and activations/experientials can all benefit by using StageJack.   While the new product is not intended to be a replacement for high-resolution LED video tiles, which are typically flagship “hero” walls, StageJack is a perfect complement to showcase video content, sponsor logos and extend visuals.

“StageJack opens the doors to customers who have been unable to use LED video before, and it allows those who are experienced LED video users to expand their visual canvas in new and creative ways,” concludes Standard.  

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