WNDR® Alpine Launches All-Season Outdoor Gear with Biology Inside

Demonstrating the performance of biobased materials for industry-wide adoption

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–WNDR® Alpine, creator of innovative outdoor equipment and apparel with materials enabled by microalgae oil, is refining and expanding its hardgoods and softgoods upon the brand’s 5th anniversary this July.

Since 2019, WNDR has been leveraging materials and components from a better source of oil – one that is renewable, traceable, and biobased. For decades, the outdoor industry has been constrained to commodity scale, petroleum-based material inputs. Using the latest discoveries in biotechnology and materials science has enabled WNDR to differentiate its growing product assortment in 2024.

From the brand’s palette of AlgalTech™ materials derived from microalgae oil, WNDR produces a variety of skis, snowboards and splitboards with superior performance for winter sports applications. The brand’s all season Phase Series technical apparel is constructed from a combination of biobased and recycled fabrics and equipped with miDori® bioWick – a 100% petroleum free wicking technology derived from microalgae oil and developed in partnership with Beyond Surface Technologies.

All hardgoods now include newly refined recycled materials and cleaner construction to complement their award-winning shapes.

  • In collaboration with Origen Manufacturing, WNDR® Alpine hardgoods feature SpiralMade® material, a unique biobased composite derived from post production ski and snowboard waste for reinforcing ski binding screws and snowboard insert packs. This material has been refined to deliver increased retention strength at a reduced thickness than in previous years, while diverting waste from the landfill.
  • Expanded use of aluminum tailblocks, now featured across all Vital 98 and Intention 108 models and sizes, for increased durability and a better platform for anchor building in alpine environments.

Phase Series apparel expands to include the UPF 50+ Diurnal Tech Hoodie, the Men’s and Women’s Stasis Longsleeve, and a greater range of color options inspired by Utah’s southwestern desert. Every piece is equipped with miDori® bioWick, which features:

  • 100% biobased content
  • Approximately 80% lower carbon footprint than a conventional wicking finish
  • State of the art performance and durability, with up to 10% faster wicking on some fabrics compared to plant seed-based wicking finishes. Data provided by Beyond Surface Technologies.

WNDR® Alpine pioneers the use of biobased alternative materials to elevate performance with the intent of industry-wide adoption. Through collaboration and continued iteration, the use of microalgae oil is entering supply chains, derisking adoption of a new, renewable resource. The newly adopted Biology Inside™ stamp anchors the brand in its commitment to enabling a healthier planet for future generations through biobased material adoption across a multitude of industries.

WNDR Alpine is evolving into a genuine all-season brand, expanding beyond skis and boards to include a full spectrum of gear designed for diverse, year-round adventures. This expansion goes beyond broadening our product range; it represents a bold step towards embracing new-to-the-world microalgae-derived materials and, only 5 years in, we are just getting started. ‘Biology Inside’ presents a pathway to meeting high performance standards while incorporating biobased inputs. This pursuit is a critical step in reducing our reliance on non-renewable sources of oil and becoming a hub for biobased expertise amongst a broader community of brands seeking innovative material solutions.” – Matt Sterbenz, GM and Founder, WNDR® Alpine

About WNDR Alpine

WNDR Alpine was launched by biotechnology company Checkerspot in 2019 to empower outdoor athletes with higher performing products made from a better source of oil. Every WNDR Alpine product is equipped with materials derived from microalgae – a biobased resource. Using microalgae oil, WNDR Alpine engineers high performance materials and ingredients for use in our award-winning skis, snowboards, and technical apparel. The Phase Series represents the next chapter of the brand’s mission to bring performance from biomanufacturing into more facets of the outdoor athlete’s daily life. Algae in, petroleum out.


Xan Marshland


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