What You Need to Know about Media Marketing for CBD and Cannabis Clients

Anyone who is in the business of selling cannabis, hemp, or CBD products already knows that their sales potential is unfolding to a degree few ever had anticipated. That’s a good thing and a bad thing.

Although the future for those business owners who want to capitalize on the promise looks good, positioning a business to accomplish this goal needs to begin now. There needs to be an action plan to get a business in front of audiences, both locally and online. This is where someone can get help by learning more by contacting i49.

Selling Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD

If the cannabis business has one thing to its advantage right now, it’s the fact that it is new. As a result, anyone who sells cannabis-related goods such as CBD oil, marijuana, or other hemp product should stake their claim on internet search engines to build a loyal following with SEO.

Other marketing channels, such as email and other media marketing channels are wide open for this type of promotion. There can be little doubt that a philosophy of transparency and open communication with clients can pay rich rewards for those who use it effectively.


The key to building a useful website for a business is having proper SEO applied. Having a strong SEO foundation will not only make a cannabis business more noticeable online, but it will also help locals to discover it. Usng proper SEO techniques will earn improved ratings for those searching for a product.

If the owner of a cannabis business doesn’t understand SEO, there should be someone hired who can help in this regard. Optimizing SEO on a website will allow an owner to determine what works and what doesn’t improve the site.

Paid Media

The astute cannabis business owner or manager should find out what limitations there are—if any—on using paid advertising to promote their products. Simply put, paid advertising will allow cannabis business owners to reach those who are usually out of reach of online advertising outlets. Most people might think that this number would be small, and perhaps it is, but it is still a viable market.

Reaching Out With Email

Email promotions are a natural lifeline for any business that is in a highly regulated industry. This applies to anyone in the cannabis business. Fortunately, with email, the business owner has a specific outreach tool. Marketing efforts that employ email and other automated promotional tools can be highly effective if used properly.

More the benefit, there are highly specialized professionals who understand the cannabis business and are also thoroughly familiar with the legal landscape that combines cannabis and electronic marketing methods. Whether a cannabis business owner is new to the industry or a seasoned pro, staying out of the electronic media with their message leaves money on the table.

To a great extent, the cannabis business has already gotten highly competitive. For better or worse, one can only anticipate that business will grow as the legal and widespread landscape changes. It’s time to understand what that landscape will consist of to take advantage of its benefits in the future. It’s time to get started to make sure you have a share of the cannabis market now and in the future.

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