Utherverse Rolls Out 2023/24 Product Roadmap For Deployment of Next Generation Metaverse Platform

Industry influencers, friends and family ‘kick the tires’ as alpha testing gets underway

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Utherverse, one of the largest metaverse platforms in the world, has begun expanded alpha testing on its next generation metaverse platform. The company also rolled out its new product roadmap through the platform’s expected launch in early 2024. During the past several months the company has made several key hires and taken major strides forward with the integration of Web3-enabling technologies into the next generation of the company’s spectacularly successful virtual world platform.

In the coming months, Utherverse expects to mint the Utherverse token, thereby activating the platform’s commerce system and full integration of payments throughout the Utherverse platform.

During Q3 2023 Utherverse will stage its annual VirtualCon event – a live convention with a trade show floor, Web3 speakers and panels that all take place online within the metaverse – available to all users of its current platform and influencer community on the new platform.

“We are striving to make Web3 accessible to everyone and bring the masses into the metaverse,” said Brian Shuster, founder and CEO of Utherverse. “The platform’s simplicity and ease-of-use, combined with the latest Web3 technologies will enable users to create lifelike virtual worlds in the metaverse with stunning realism as easily as building a website.”

Utherverse is an open platform built on the Unity Engine so developers can provide amazingly photorealistic avatars and environments. The avatars are full-bodied, with movements that are physically and anatomically cutting edge. Utherverse will be platform agnostic, functional on PCs Macs, tablets, Oculus, iOS and Android. The existing Unity community will be able to join Utherverse and bring their experiences and creations with them.

Another key strategy for Utherverse is the availability and use of fNFTs. Unlike collectible NFTs, fNFTs – which stands for “functional NFTs” – have a purpose and are used by consumers’ avatars for something specific within a metaverse. Examples of fNFTs include apparel, a car, a TV, sports equipment, furniture and mobile phones. fNFTs will be able to function across all metaverses within the Utherverse ecosystem, and they will be secure and non-replicable. Whereas NFTs of artwork or collectibles can be copied, fNFTs will not function unless authentic. A user who tries to copy an article of clothing, for example, will not be able to put that piece of clothing on their avatar unless it is authentic.

Utherverse is also the only platform that will be able to handle MMOR (Massively Multiuser Online Reality) events on all devices without a massive drain on network resources. The platform’s innovative technology stack has already solved many of the “show stopping” issues newer metaverse companies haven’t yet even realized are problems.

A closed beta is expected in Q4, leading into an open beta and the launch of the fully functional platform by mid 2024.

Utherverse is a metaverse platform that enables developers to build interconnected virtual worlds, provides hyper-realistic immersive experiences for consumers and opportunities for companies to market and monetize their products and services. Utherverse generates revenue from custom metaverse building services, sales of NFTs and a variety of business verticals including advertising/marketing, shopping/retail, conferences/conventions, education, dating, lifestyle, entertainment events/performances, VIP experiences and virtual offices. The Utherverse platform was launched in 2005 by internet visionary Brian Shuster. A beta version of the next generation Utherverse platform is expected to launch by mid-2023. To date, the platform has served 50 million+ users with 32 billion+ virtual commerce transactions. Utherverse has developed the technology and received more than 40 patents critical toward operating large-scale metaverses. The company is based in British Columbia, Canada. More information can be found online at Utherverse.io; Twitter/Instagram: @Utherverse; Facebook: /UtherverseDigital; YouTube: @Utherverseio; LinkedIn: /utherverse-digital-inc/; Telegram: /UtherverseAnnouncements; Discord: /Utherverse.io.


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