The Shift Network Presents the Third Annual Ancestral Healing Summit, February 22-26

Free 5-Day Event Shows How Healing Ancestral Patterns Can Lead to Greater Health and Freedom

PETALUMA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Shift Network (TSN), a global leader in transformational learning and events, today announced that its third annual Ancestral Healing Summit, beginning Monday, February 22, will feature three dozen speakers and will live stream free. This 5-day-event will weave together science and spirituality to explore how understanding ancestral history can lead to a happier, freer, more fulfilling life. The full lineup can be found at

Ancestral healing is an ancient practice found in traditions around the world. With the emerging field of epigenetics — the study of how behavior and environment can affect gene expression, and how trauma can be inherited and expressed in future generations — worldwide interest in ancestral healing is surging.

Presenters at the Ancestral Healing Summit, including Thomas Huebl, Bernadette Pleasant, Joycelyn Davis, Suzanne Gieseman, Robert Moss, David Quint, Dr. Dawson Church, and others, show how examining our family lineages — and healing our ancestral wounds with inquiry, practices, art, ritual, and prayer — can help heal not only intergenerational patterns of family dysfunction, but also collective trauma rooted in race, religion, gender, and more.

Along with offering specific practices, presenters will also share stories of their own ancestral healing:

  • Joycelyn Davis is a descendant of one of the survivors of the Clotilda, the last illegal slave trading ship to bring enslaved people from Africa. She co-founded the Clotilda Descendants Association to honor their ancestors.
  • Filmmaker David Quint’s grandfather abandoned David’s father, who was raised in an orphanage. In Quint’s film, “Father Unknown,” they travel back to Switzerland to discover the name of David’s grandfather, learn about his past, and find out why he abandoned his son. That journey helped heal David’s father, as well as their own relationship.

The Ancestral Healing Summit will give attendees tools to live with greater acceptance and compassion — and provide freedom for future generations.

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