The Reply AI Film Festival 2024 is Underway.

TURIN, Italy–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Reply presents the inaugural Reply AI Film Festival, an international competition where Artificial Intelligence (AI) serves not only as a catalyst for innovation in the realm of creative storytelling but also as a tool for fostering inclusivity among younger generations in video and film production.

With the theme “Synthetic Stories, Human Hearts,” this edition of the Reply AI Film Festival celebrates the synergy between human talent and Artificial Intelligence, blending art, creativity, and technology harmoniously.

The competition welcomes all creatives eager to explore the possibilities offered by AI in scriptwriting, storyboarding, imagery, visual effects, and more. Entries, original and no longer than 10 minutes in duration, must be submitted via the dedicated platform,, by 1st July 2024.

A jury of AI and visual arts experts will evaluate the entries and select the top ten short films across the Narrative, Pilots, Documentaries, and Experimental categories.

Thanks to the collaboration with Mastercard, which has always been committed to connecting consumers with their passions and supporting emerging talents, the finalists will be invited to experience a unique opportunity in the Lagoon and participate in a Premiere Event, hosted by Reply and Mastercard, during the days of the 81st Venice International Film Festival. During this Premiere, their works will be showcased, and the three winners will be announced.

As part of its ongoing efforts to promote new technologies among younger generations, Reply continues to drive its culture of innovation forward. The Reply AI Film Festival becomes the space to explore AI as an ally of human creativity and, importantly, an opportunity where the synergy between people and technology enables new, more accessible, and sustainable scenarios.

“This is an era where people’s talent is enriched by tomorrow’s tools, resulting in concise stories capable of conveying fully human experiences and emotions. Two years ago, we launched the first edition of the Reply AI Film Festival as an internal competition among our staff. Opening it up to the public today and engaging a wider audience of young technology enthusiasts is of great value to us. The Reply AI Film Festival is not just a way to promote innovation and creativity, but also an opportunity for young talents to immerse themselves in new technologies, acquire advanced skills, and bring new narratives to life,” commented Filippo Rizzante, CTO of Reply.

The Reply AI Film Festival is part of the Reply Challenges, a program of technological and creative competitions that demonstrate Reply’s commitment to developing innovative educational models capable of engaging the new generations. Today, Reply’s Challenges boast a community of over 150,000 participants. To learn more about the Reply AI Film Festival, visit


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