The 36th Huading Awards Opens in Hollywood with the Revelation of the World Youth Short Film Competition

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–After watching the 36th Huading Awards ceremony held at the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood, it became clear that the Huading Awards, chosen by “1.4 billion Chinese”, has become more like a world-class entertainment award after the brand upgrade this year. What was particularly striking on that day was that the major awards of the World Youth Short Film Competition were announced.

At the beginning of 2022, Huading Awards Group, the world’s largest entertainment awards organization, announced the official launch of the “World Youth Short Film Competition” in Hollywood, which is a new but important competition for the Huading Awards. Because it not only means that many young filmmakers and college students will have a professional platform and social platform, but also indicates that short films have officially entered a golden age. According to the introduction, the two-month call for entries collected more than 1,200 short films, covering themes such as animation, family and romance. “Miss” won Best Short, “Cold Spell In Later Spring” won Best Dramatic Short, “Frozen Frog” won Best Micro, “A Line Between” won Best Historical Short, “Untitled Portrait of Red” won Best Romance Short, “Nirvana” won Best Short Directing, and other seven award categories, such as Best Student Short and Best Horror/Thriller Short. According to the rules of the World Youth Short Film Competition, “Miss”, “Cold Spell In Later Spring”, “Frozen Frog” and other short films will receive a prize of 1,000 dollars each.

In early January, Huading Awards Group announced in Los Angeles that the Huading Awards brand would be upgraded. In terms of film and television awards, the best works of global film and television would be selected at the same session. The award name changed to “Global Film and Television Arts Huading Awards”.

In the Global Unit, “All Quiet on the Western Front” won Best Global Picture, with Michelle Yeoh as Best Leading Actress and Brendan Fischer as Best Leading Actor. The “Better Call Saul Season 6” won Best Global Teleplay, while Christos Andrews won Best Global Teleplay Leading Actor and Devika Hornet (Mai) won Best Global Teleplay Leading Actress. This is another ice-breaking event between China and the U.S. after seven years, following the Huading Awards’ re-entry into Hollywood in 2016.

Since its establishment, the Huading Awards has grown continuously in the past 15 years. This year, four important awards have been added, including Best Global Visual Effects, Best Global Cinematography and Best Global Film Editing, to further align with international standards. It can be said that in the past 15 years, while showing the charm of Eastern culture to the West, the Huading Awards is also absorbing the essence of Western culture and making great strides towards the ranks of the authoritative global entertainment awards.

According to the introduction, the global short film platform LIGHT UP also went online for trial operation on the same day, which will become a platform for young filmmakers to showcase their short films. Haige Wang, Chairman of the Huading Awards, said that the World Youth Short Film Competition will continue to be held, so that newcomers, students and those who have film dreams in their hearts and are interested in the film will have more opportunities to pursue their dreams. At least in terms of development resources, now the realization of “Film Dream” is almost within reach, and with more and more young people and students joining the film industry, it is a dynamic force for the entire film industry to flourish.


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