Telestream Completes Tektronix Video Combination

Westwood, Massachusetts July 22nd, 2019Telestream, a leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, has announced that the combination of Telestream and Tektronix’s video test, monitoring and quality assurance solutions for the broadcast and digital media markets into Telestream has been completed. “Customers should be comfortable that any investment in Telestream or Tektronix video monitoring technology is sound. If we are selling it, we are investing in it,” said Scott Puopolo, Chief Executive Officer of Telestream. 

The company states that its intention is to continue to invest in and market its entire integrated product portfolio, focusing each technology on customer applications they are best suited to. It reports that the engineering teams from Telestream and Tektronix Video will leverage their combined intellectual property in search of the most efficient and effective customer solutions.

In particular, the engineering teams plan on integrating Telestream’s iVMS ASM management system across all of its relevant video monitoring product portfolio. This system allows operators to correlate all the alarms within a network in a single management platform, enabling rapid pinpointing of issues and resolution of faults. The integration of iVMS ASM with Tektronix Sentry probes is a key bridging technology between the two product groups and significantly enhances Sentry’s application potential.

In addition, Tektronix Video’s waveform monitoring portfolio and Aurora file-based quality control (QC) are critical capabilities aligned with the Telestream quality management story.

“We are combining two strong product lines that are complementary,” commented Scott Puopolo. “By bringing together the best of each product line in stream monitoring and Quality of Experience (QoE) applications, we can create better products that more completely address the needs of our customers.”

This company combination brings Tektronix intellectual property and engineering resources together with Telestream to advance its industry leading technology solutions that cater for a diversity of customer applications.  One of these is adaptive bit rate (ABR) video monitoring and analytics solutions.  “Any large-scale OTT service provider needs deep seated, pervasive video monitoring across their networks, and this is provided by our Inspector Live and Surveyor probes in combination with an iVMS ASM management layer,” commented Calvin Harrison, President of the Video Quality Monitoring and Analytics Business at Telestream. “However, Tektronix’s Sentry system expands the range of applications beyond the core capabilities of the iQ system and so expands our overall application range.”

Also, Telestream values Tektronix’s digital rights management (DRM) expertise and assets and is looking at ways to implement them within the Telestream iQ product range. “Tektronix Video has a large installed customer base within linear broadcast applications, especially within video headend monitoring applications,” comments Charlie Dunn, President of the Tektronix Video Business Unit at Telestream. “Moving forward, the challenge is to match the product profile that best suits the needs of a customer application – be that a traditional broadcaster or OTT service provider.

“Broadcasters that have traditionally invested in Sentry may find that their monitoring needs change as they start to deliver OTT services and vice versa. The key issue is that whatever the customer needs, Telestream can support them with our new expanded team and product portfolio,” concluded Charlie Dunn.

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