TEKVOX Debuts Highly Integrated Hybrid Flexible 1201-MV+ Universal Switcher

TEKVOX is pleased to announce the new 1201-MV+, a universal switcher and the most integrated hybrid flexible product on the market.

In designing the 1201-MV+ TEKVOX has taken the industry’s most remarkable 5-play presentation switcher, the 1201-MV, and augmented it with an upgraded HDBaseT 3.0 chipset to provide superior bandwidth for end-to-end USB transport. The HDBaseT 3.0 chipset doubles USB bandwidth allowing for more cameras, more resolution, and longer transmission distances of up to 328 feet (100 meters) without any additional amplification.

It supports BYOM via a bidirectional USB 3.0 KVM switch for connecting USB devices. This enables a classroom or conference room with a single display to extend USB 3.0 signals – such as cameras and microphones – making them available to a PC or connected laptop at either end of the HDBaseT cable path. USB-B and USB-C connections for host devices, with selectable auto-switching, are also included.

“The new 1201-MV+ does so much more than comparable products,” says Jim Reinhart, TEKVOX CEO. “Its full feature set combines with expanded USB capabilities to make it the most integrated HyFlex product available in the world.”

The new universal switcher supports 4Kx2K @60Hz 4:4:4 resolution and six video inputs: five HDMI, and one powered USB-C. Its HDMI output can be configured to mirror the HDBaseT output or to preview the HDMI 1 input. The HDBT output can provide PoC for remotely powering the receiver. 

The 1201-MV+ also offers automatic source detection and switching, independent EDID settings for all inputs, and versatile multiview for showing up to four sources on-screen simultaneously. 

Its robust audio capabilities include independent audio input selection during multiview operation, a mic input with phantom power selection, a line input for audio mixing, and audio de-embedding at either end of the HDBT cable path. 

Controllable via RS232, IR remote, front panel buttons, TCP/IP, and a web GUI, the 1201-MV+ uses a unique, user-friendly ASCII protocol for RS232 and TCP/IP commands, and employs bidirectional RS232 to support controllers installed at either end of the HDBaseT signal path.

The 1201-MV+ also supports TEKVOX Macro commands for TekMonitor control, user-defined CEC control of displays and sources, and custom RS232 commands for display power. A bridged 100M LAN network allows a single network connection to connect the switcher and third-party devices at the receiver.

“The 1201-MV+ expands on the rich audio, video and control features made popular by the powerful 1201-MV and adds an upgraded HDBaseT chipset to create the kind of integrated HyFlex product the market demands today,” Reinhart states.

The 1201-MV+  (P/N 79033) is available for immediate shipment via the TEKVOX web store (https://tekvox.store/products/79033-mv-plus).   Registered dealers may obtain substantial discounts from MSRP.  New dealers can contact sales@tekvox.com for registration information.

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