Technological Advances Come To Board Games With World Challenge NFT

Miami January 20, 2023- The Spanish company World Challenge Game confirms the launch of a new board game that combines the traditional system with an innovative experience thanks to Blockchain technology and its video game. World Challenge NFT aims to bring a creative and different way of learning and fun that allows its users to acquire knowledge much easier.

This game is based on strategy skills and general culture and will be available for free download on mobile devices, which will allow its users to interact with friends and players in different parts of the world. In addition, World Challenge NFT will have an added value for all its participants, since all the boxes sold in the pre-sale will have as a gift an NFT or digital collectible item, which will have advantages such as special powers within the videogame and the possibility of earning tokens as merchandising royalties.

The philosophy of this game is based on new ways of learning that accelerate learning in an easy and dynamic way that allows players to acquire almost immediate knowledge from the first moment they see the board with the borders of each country.

Bogdan Tapu

There are many advantages of this game designed by Bogdan Tapu, because, in addition to having characters with exclusive cartoons, it offers its community different activities that are announced through its social networks, and in the app, you can expose, buy and sell collectible digital items.  

This new way of having fun through a combination of the traditional with new technologies, also immerses its users in this revolution of cryptocurrencies and blockchain that has expanded to different sectors of society. The art world, so glued to everyday reality, is undergoing an unprecedented change. 

Thanks to new technologies, this game will also give its users the opportunity to enter a community and to be able to share with more players around the world through different meetings and sweepstakes that will be taking place in various channels such as Telegram and Discord

Currently, they are in the pre-sale phase of the board game through their website where they have a 17% discount and a free NFT and they have a first round of funding open.

To know in detail what is the game, or video game, the different categories of their NFTs, as well as the function of the economy that surrounds their marketplace, it is possible to download their whitepaper through the following link: 

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