Team Behind Planetary Annihilation Announces Industrial Annihilation Through Crowdfunding Platform StartEngine

Novel Combination of Tactics-based RTS and Factory Sim Kicks offs Crowdfunding on StartEngine and Available Now for Pre-Order

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Galactic Annihilation Inc., a game development and publishing studio established by industry veterans who previously created Planetary Annihilation, Monday Night Combat and more, today announced Industrial Annihilation, an all-new RTS that blends in deep factory-building mechanics to deliver a genre mashup unlike any before.

Planetary Annihilation is one of our most beloved games and has earned diehard community support since the very beginning,” said Jon Mavor, Co-Founder, Galactic Annihilation Inc. “Given Planetary Annihilation’s incredible success, we felt it was time for a new game that allowed us to update and innovate on that original vision. It was important to give our loyal players the opportunity to own a part of the company behind the game this time around and we’re working hard to earn the same level of community support with Industrial Annihilation’s reveal on StartEngine.”

Industrial Annihilation is available now for pre-order for Early Access of the game for $29.99. Learn more at

Watch the Industrial Annihilation Announce Trailer here:

Download the press kit here:

And please visit the Industrial Annihilation StartEngine page to show your support, and to invest in a piece of the company behind the game:


Latest Game in the Planetary Annihilation Franchise – The team behind Planetary Annihilation, which has sold over 3 million units and is still beloved and played by fans almost a decade later, is back with a new twist on the popular franchise.

Build the Ultimate Factory for RTS Battles – You don’t just want the weapons. You want the machines that are making them. Become a master constructor of factories that dictate your RTS playstyle. Feed your resources into a giant Titan-level unit, or go all-in on a game-ending fusion planet crusher. Create the ultimate kill squad, or build up your artillery to devastate your opponent with tactical nukes. The choices are many, and all yours.

Galactic Single Player Campaign – Chaos is hellbent on wiping out the galaxy with their diesel-fueled armies that shred and burn any who dare oppose them. Play as the Commander who rises to stop the destruction and claim the galaxy, one thrilling mission at a time.

Multiple Factions – Choose from two unique factions to play as or battle against – Chaos, and Machina. Each faction presents their own unique combat units, playstyles and strategies.

Unshackle Combat AI. Or Not – Build impressively productive bases as your primary focus and delegate advanced artificial intelligences to do the fighting for you. Or, roll up your sleeves, and get hands-on by leading the real-time strategy action yourself.

About Industrial Annihilation

The galaxy is at stake, Commander. Claim it. Industrial Annihilation blends the iconic real-time strategy of the beloved Annihilation series of games with deep factory-building to deliver a blend of genres unlike any you’ve experienced before. Build a unique working factory-sim to extract resources, lay production pipelines, construct units, and erect defenses against the corruption of Chaos in an epic single-player campaign featuring world-class RTS combat. Or, match wits against other Commanders online in intense co-op and PvP battles.

For more information on Industrial Annihilation, please visit the StarteEngine page:, the Industrial Annihilation website: and follow the game for latest updates on, Facebook: and Twitter:

About Galactic Annihilation Inc.

Galactic Annihilation Inc. is a game development and publishing company established by veteran industry insiders and developers Bob Berry, Jon Mavor, John Comes, and Steve Thompson creators of Planetary Annihilation and Monday Night Combat. Based out of Seattle, Washington, USA, the development team is committed to making fun and engaging titles that bring players together.


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