Fin Design + Effects Joins Zero VFX and Mavericks VFX, Strengthening the Group’s Global VFX Stature in Partnership with Arenova Capital

BOSTON & SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a landmark move, Fin Design + Effects (“Fin”) announces its partnership with the already unified VFX entities Zero VFX (“Zero”) and Mavericks VFX (“Mavericks”), enabled by the investment of Arenova Capital (“Arenova”), a growth investment firm dedicated to partnering with founder-owned and founder-led companies. This combination reinforces the group’s dedication to being a home for world-class talent and pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

With a trusted reputation for its innovative VFX services across feature films, episodic and commercials, Fin bolsters the group’s presence, introducing a rich tapestry of visual artistry from the Asia Pacific region and expanding the group’s talent spectrum and service offerings. Fin’s recent credits include The Creator, Extraction 2, Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania, and M3gan.

Emma Daines, Founder and CEO of Fin Design + Effects, shared her enthusiasm, “When I founded Fin 22 years ago, it was with the desire and intent to create a boutique environment for directors, artists, and producers to collaborate where the emphasis was on creativity and quality. We built a nurturing, stimulating and respectful culture with a common goal, craft and finesse. Today, as we partner with fellow innovators in the industry, that ambition remains firm and I genuinely believe, as a group, this puts us on a path towards greater heights and opportunities. I am steadfastly on board to maintain that ambition and looking forward to working with Arenova and the other group companies to continue shepherding this collective towards our shared vision.”

Like Zero and Mavericks, Fin will maintain full creative autonomy and continue to operate under its existing brand and leadership. Emma Daines will be named Chairperson of Fin and will also be appointed to the group’s board of directors. Chris Spry shall continue in his leadership role of Fin and will also be named a Managing Partner of the group alongside Brian Drewes and Brendan Taylor.

Chris Spry, Managing Partner, Fin, says, “Joining forces with Zero and Mavericks combines the talent and strengths of each studio to elevate the already exceptional visual effects services delivered to clients. In keeping with Fin’s core values, this partnership is an opportunity to further invest in and empower our talent. Alongside Alastair Stephen, Fin’s Head of VFX, and the rest of the creative leadership team, I am excited to take this next step in Fin’s journey and look forward to realising Fin’s full potential.”

Justin Bromley and Stuart White, VFX Supervisors and part of Fin since inception, jointly remarked, “As VFX artists, nothing is more important to us than working on the best and most exciting projects, and collaborating with the best and most talented people. We welcome the opportunity this new alliance brings to Fin in our quest to design, and execute world class visual effects. We’ve always believed that Fin’s greatest strength is its talent and team and we are proud to have maintained Fin’s boutique environment through 22 years of growth. This announcement presents a fantastic opportunity to enhance the scope of our craft without compromising our core strength and culture.”

Brian Drewes and Brendan Taylor, Managing Partners of the group and the Founders of Zero and Mavericks, jointly expressed, “We have long been admirers of Fin’s artistic quality and depth of talent and couldn’t be more excited to welcome Emma, Chris, Alastair and all the talented people at Fin into our team. This collaboration underscores the group’s focus on fostering a talent-first environment, championing innovation, and crafting exceptional visual effects.”

David Li, Managing Partner of Arenova Capital, added, “From our earliest conversations, it was clear that Emma and team were kindred spirits. Their steadfast commitment to their craft, their people and their culture aligned with our own values and we are honored that Fin has entrusted us to be its partner for its next chapter. Fin’s inclusion enhances our global reach and creative capabilities and further builds towards our conception of a scale VFX company with artists at its center.”

About Fin Design + Effects

Established in 2001, Fin is home to Australasia’s most highly awarded, close-knit team of VFX artists, designers and producers. At the forefront of the converging digital landscape, their unique flexibility is matched with a passion and energy to foster creative partnerships and collaborate with clients. Recent credits include The Creator, Extraction 2, Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania, and M3gan.

About Zero VFX

Zero, founded in 2010, is the leading visual effects studio in Massachusetts and provides premium visual effects services to feature films, episodic television, and commercial video production. Zero has a long history of supporting the film and TV industry in Massachusetts and beyond and notably, was nominated for a Visual Effects Society award this past year for its work on I Wanna Dance with Somebody.

About Mavericks VFX

Mavericks is a full-service, award-winning visual effects studio based in Toronto that specializes in creating innovative and high-quality visual effects for film, television, and commercials. Founded in 2013, the studio has received critical acclaim for its work and has been nominated for five Emmy Awards and three Visual Effects Society Awards for its work on The Handmaid’s Tale and 11.22.63.

About Arenova Capital

Arenova Capital is a principal investment firm focused on founder-owned and founder-led companies in the middle market. We seek to catalyze growth in technology-enabled, media and communications companies through thoughtful partnership, support and investment, with the goal of building enduring industry leaders. Arenova Capital is based in Dallas, TX and was founded in 2022.


David Li

Arenova Capital

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