SWAYE Unveils ‘Web3’s Most-Accessible Game: The OG Battlefront’ on Sui

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SWAYE, the application at the forefront of the creator economy, today announced “The OG Battlefront“, a captivating Telegram game set to redefine accessibility in Web3. This groundbreaking initiative is made possible with The Sui Foundation, leveraging SWAYE’s proprietary technology, SWAYE Login, and Sui’s cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure.

“The OG Battlefront” is more than just a game; it taps into the nostalgia of the OG arcade games and web3 culture. It’s a showcase of how Web3 apps can be made accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Thanks to its simple engaging gameplay, users can experience the future of gaming directly within Telegram, streamlining the process from onboarding to gameplay in seconds.

Gregorios Siourounis, Managing Director at the Sui Foundation, shared his excitement about the collaboration: “The work SWAYE is doing to enable social logins for decentralized games marks another step towards making blockchain accessible and enjoyable for all. Their efforts add to a standard the Sui community has embraced for fostering innovation and accessibility and extending the boundaries of what’s possible with blockchain technologies.”

Innovative Features and Technology:

  • SWAYE Login: Provides users with frictionless Web3 wallet creation via Telegram and X login. Users can create a blockchain account, receive a Sui wallet, OG Collectible, and start playing in seconds – all within Telegram.
  • OG Collectibles and $WAYE Tokens: Players can earn $WAYE tokens through gameplay, community participation, and referrals. These tokens are used to upgrade their dynamic OG Collectible, which serves as playable characters in “The OG Battlefront”, enhancing both rarity and in-game advantages.
  • Community Engagement: Featuring custom influencer collectibles and a tokenomics model designed around Influencer-led community events, SWAYE is setting a new standard for engaging and rewarding its user base.

A Vision for Mass Adoption:

Dane Hamer, CEO of SWAYE, emphasizes the mission to make Web3 “welcoming, accessible, fun, and frictionless.” Hamer brings unparalleled experience to the table, having worked with Apple, Google, and Web3 gaming projects such as BLOCKLORDS. “The OG Battlefront is just the beginning. With Sui it allows us to not only captivate the gaming community but also pave the way for future applications seeking to enhance accessibility in the Web3 ecosystem,” Hamer stated.

About SWAYE: Learn more: https://SWAYE.me/

About Sui: Learn more: https://sui.io


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