Storyvine Launches Grassroots Advocacy Kit, Expands Self-Service Video Tech Platform

New Video Creation Platform Developed to Engage Communities to Advocate for Key Issues with VideoGuide Templates

DENVER, February 18, 2020Storyvine, Inc., a leading video technology company, announced today the availability of Storyvine NOW™Grassroots Advocacy Kit, a self-service version of the original Storyvine platform. The kit includes three new video creation templates designed for local citizens to engage their community to advocate for key issues.

Storyvine NOW VideoGuide templates simplify video creation by guiding the user during the filming process and “Automagically” editing the video in less than five minutes. The Storyvine Video Management System allows users to film anywhere from a smartphone and produces a professional-looking video that can be downloaded and shared across platforms including YouTube channels.

“Our company vision is to democratize storytelling and focus on the human element of people telling their own story,” said Kyle Shannon, Co-Founder and CEO for Storyvine. “We are thrilled to introduce the latest kit to our self-service product line. The Grassroots Advocacy Kit was designed for community members, volunteers, government offices and legislators and is a cost-effective and efficient solution for creating unlimited, authentic videos.”

The Grassroots Advocacy Kit was developed with a Grassroots Advocacy-focus to allow staff, volunteers, legislators, and engaged citizens to use their iOS or Android smartphone to create unlimited videos, including:

  • Grassroots Story: Gives a community member the opportunity to discuss an issue and explain why the issue is important to them, and identify what they would like to be done about it.
  • About the Issue: Allows a leader on the issue to discuss the issue or an aspect of it, and share what’s at stake.
  • Call-to-Action: Allows a team member to create a compelling Call-to-Action video on an issue.

Grassroots Advocacy Kit features unlimited videos, personalized branding, pre-built VideoGuide Templates, gives access to two program managers and up to 50 story makers a month, as well as the ability to publish to YouTube automatically. To learn more about Storyvine’s capabilities, please visit

About Storyvine

Storyvine is a Denver-based video technology company that helps clients create and manage short form, guided videos using nothing more than a phone, and Storvyine’s Video Management platform. Founded in 2012, Storyvine’s clients include multi-nationals, corporate marketing and communications, advocacy and non-profit groups, among others, that want to use video to simplify storytelling to move the business forward. Storyvine combines distributed capture, asset management and fully automated video editing, to allow clients to capture, produce and share the insights, knowledge, and stories that define their brand.

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