Square Panda™ Literacy Playset Now Available in Select Apple Stores

Square Panda offers parents a research-based, interactive tool that helps children learn to read through play

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Square Panda, the award-winning edtech literacy platform, will now be sold at apple.com and select Apple stores. Square Panda’s multisensory playset interacts with tablets to create a learning playground that helps children build reading skills. Its learning games are grounded in the latest neurological research around brain circuitry development and reading. Through Square Panda, children learn their letters, letter sounds, blending, spelling and more with an adaptive platform that grows with the child as their skills increase.

“Learning to read can be a daunting task for many children, and Square Panda brings a unique solution to parents who understand that early reading skills are the key to fostering a child’s self confidence in school,” said Andy Butler, CEO of Square Panda. “Parents today seek learning experiences for their kids they can trust to be effective and non-addictive. Square Panda gives them the opportunity to not only entertain their kids with unique digital and physical experiences as they learn to read, but ones that only require minutes per day, not hours of engagement. As a company, we recognize parents and grandparents desires to engage children with social and play-based learning experiences and look forward to introducing many new families to our learning system.”

Square Panda’s proven approach helps build essential reading skills in children ages 2-8 years old. Its learning system engages multiple senses including sight, touch and sound, as research has shown this is how young children learn best. The playset uses iPad apps to help children interact with a variety of fun games, each of which helps them build different skills that lead to reading fluency. The system also incorporates physical smart letters, which children place in the playset and then watch the letters and words appear on the screen.

Square Panda’s world of digital learning games features an assessment prior to play to appropriately level and set the child up for success. As a child plays, the adaptive software customizes the games and curriculum path to ensure he or she never gets bored and is always challenged. Square Panda also features a Parent Portal, which allows parents to track and monitor their child’s progress. Also within the Parent Portal they can customize their child’s learning experience by adding personal images and words.

About Square Panda

Square Panda™ is an award winning phonics learning system that helps children worldwide, across skill sets and socioeconomic backgrounds, learn to read, write, and communicate. The company’s mission is to empower all children to reach their full potential by launching their educational journey with the power of literacy and languages. Designed for children ages 2 and older, Square Panda helps both native English-speaking and ESL learners, become confident, fluent readers using a multisensory approach. Its adaptive platform assesses and engages learners through personalized play experiences grounded in research-based curriculum. Square Panda is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and has offices in Beijing, China and Mumbai, India. For more information, visit www.squarepanda.com.


Kathryn Green, Square Panda



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