Sony Music Equips Its New 5020 Studio Madrid with PMC Monitors Throughout

This exciting creative complex represents a successful collaboration between the two companies, which has results in four state-of-the-art studios, all delivering exceptional sound.

Following an intensive five-month building project, Sony Music has officially opened its new 5020 Studio Madrid, a four-studio recording complex and creative centre in the Spanish capital that aims to promote collaboration between Latin artists and artist from other parts of the worlds.

A commercial agreement between Sony Music and UK loudspeaker manufacturer PMC has resulted in all four studios being equipped with the company’s professional monitors. These include BB6 XBD and PMC6 monitors in the two main recording studios, both of which are equipped with Neve consoles; PMC8-2 XBD monitors in production room one, which is set up for ‘in the box’ projects, and a 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos monitoring system in production room two. This system comprises PMC8-2 XBD monitors for the front and centre channels and Ci65 monitors for the surround channels. Finally, there is a media room that can be converted into a cinema, and this is equipped with a Doby Atmos 7.1.4 system based on PMC Twenty5.24, Twenty5.C and Ci140 SUB monitors, plus Ci45 speakers for surround and height channels.

Project Director Diego Acosta, who was responsible for the conceptualisation, development and implementation of the studios, says: “As an engineer, I always dreamed of having access to the best tools so that I could create the best possible music. With this facility we have followed that philosophy, and it is an honour to have accomplished what we set out to achieve. The PMC monitors in each studio are incredible and deliver all the clarity and precision anyone could want. This is not just my opinion – everyone who has used the rooms has commented on how great they look and how amazing they sound.”

Sony Music’s new Madrid facility – the largest new studio complex to open in Europe in recent years – is the latest addition to the multinational’s 5020 Studio brand, which already includes the acclaimed 5020 Studio Miami and 5020 Studio Mexico City. As well as promoting collaboration between Spanish and Latin artists, 5020 Studio Madrid also aims to build cultural and creative bridges between Europe and Latin America.

“The success of 5020 Studio Miami, which opened in 2021, was a major driver for this project,” Acosta says. “5020 Studio Miami averages 650 hours of recording every month across three studios, and we wanted to emulate that success in other territories where music in Spanish is booming. Spain was the obvious location because it allowed us to build bridges between Latin America and Europe. In addition, Madrid is a beautiful city and the centre of music sung in Spanish in Europe. Building our new facility there made perfect sense on a strategic level.”

Located in the San Blas-Canillejas district of the Spanish capital, 5020 Studio Madrid has more than 1,800 square meters (19,375 square feet) of space, which is spread across three floors. The ground floor of the building was formerly a gym that included a large swimming pool. This area has now been transformed into a collaborative space with two multifunctional rooms for composition, recording and production, These rooms can also be used for photographic and audiovisual sessions. There is also a meeting room, a content creation room and a lounge area.

On the second floor, there are two recording studios, various booths, the media room, private spaces for relaxing and entertaining and a large live room that can accommodate a full rock band, a small orchestra, and choirs.

The third floor of the complex has a 500 square meter outdoor space with a stage, a bar and a BBQ/grill, which is ideal for events, showcases, social activities and celebrations.
Sony Music’s collaboration with PMC came about when Diego Acosta was introduced to Maurice Patist (President of PMC USA and head of Pro Global).

“We spoke to a number of monitoring companies but chose PMC because the products were exceptional and the service and support offered by Maurice and his team was second to none,” Acosta says. “The level of attention and interest Maurice provided from day one was extraordinary, and this was really important because building 5020 Studio Madrid was a huge responsibility. Our position as an exceptional service company within the music industry was already established by our 5020 Studios in Miami and Mexico. With Madrid, it was important that we not only met that standard but also raised it. Having PMC as a partner allowed us to do that and I personally couldn’t be happier with the way the project was handled by them or the sound we have achieved in each room.”

5020 Studio Madrid has been fully operational since the start of February this year, but in fact most of the work was completed by November 2023 because Sony Music wanted to take advantage of Spain hosting the Latin Grammy celebrations in Seville by debuting the facility to the Latin creative community.

Although 5020 Studio Madrid is only available to Sony artists, Acosta anticipates that it will appeal to artists from many different musical genres. Indeed, this is a main reason why the facility incorporates a live room because genres such as rock, flamenco, jazz and classical require space to record lots of different instruments.

“We actively encourage collaboration, and we want the music that is being created in Spain to influence the music created in the rest of the world so that everyone is enriched by the experience,” Acosta adds. “This entire facility was created with longevity in mind, and we hope that a lot of beautiful music is captured and recorded here for many years to come.”


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