Sonos Voice Control is now available in France

Sonos Voice Control is a voice experience that delivers fast, accurate and hands-free control of your music and your Sonos system with unmatched privacy, now available in the French language.

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Sonos (Nasdaq: SONO), the leading sound experience company, introduced Sonos Voice Control to its French listeners through an update of the Sonos application which enables Sonos Voice Control in the French language in France. Available since June 1st in US English, Sonos Voice Control delivers effortless control of your music and your Sonos system using only your voice. Designed with privacy at its core, Sonos Voice Control is the simplest way to connect listeners to the content they love. The Sonos Voice Control experience is now available for French Sonos listeners.

One of the most natural and effortless ways to connect to your music is with your voice, but we knew from listening to our customers that privacy concerns meant many were choosing not to use voice control,” said Joseph Dureau, Vice President, Voice Experience, Sonos. “We created Sonos Voice Control purely for listening on Sonos, putting privacy at its core. Since launching in the US, we have seen customers listening to 30% more music than before. We are energized by this progress and look forward to expanding to new people and places starting today in France.

About Sonos Voice Control

  • Sonos Voice Control works on every voice-capable Sonos speaker, processing requests entirely on the device. No audio or transcript is sent to the cloud, stored, listened to or read by anyone. Available on new voice capable products and as a free update for existing customers, Sonos Voice Control is compatible with Sonos Radio, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Deezer. More services and markets will follow.
  • Fast, accurate control of your music and your Sonos System. Sonos Voice Control finds the music you want to listen to, processing requests entirely on the device. Local processing delivers faster response times, and effortless follow-ups. All you need is one “Hey Sonos” and you can follow up without the need for additional wake-words. Just like the Sonos app, you can control music and speakers in any room, easily move music around the home, save and like your favorite songs to your personal music library and more.
  • Sonos Voice Control understands the nuance of human communication and responds to natural commands like “turn it up!” in the US and “Monte le volume” in France. With careful recording, advanced processing and mastering, the voice is natural, unobtrusive, yet confident and engaging. Sonos’ French voice will be joined by others over time as Sonos continues to expand the experience to new people and places.

About Sonos

Sonos (Nasdaq: SONO) is the world’s leading sound experience company. As the inventor of multi-room wireless home audio, Sonos innovation helps the world listen better by giving people access to the content they love and allowing them to control it however and wherever they choose. Known for delivering an unparalleled sound experience, thoughtful design aesthetic, simplicity of use, and an open platform, Sonos makes the breadth of audio content available to anyone. Sonos is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. Learn more at


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