Smart Safety Debuts App to Revolutionize Construction Site Safety and Emergency Response with One-Click Access

OSHA-compliant smartphone app delivers jobsite crisis management protocols to entire project team in real time

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Now available, Smart Safety has raised the bar for construction site safety by using a tool already in everyone’s pocket—the smartphone—to provide field staff and project administrators with one-click access to site-specific emergency protocols and resources. Smart Safety delivers custom, emergency notifications and instant access to critical information, enabling onsite project teams to save time, and potentially lives, in responding to emergency situations.

“Conventional alert methods, such as horns, flags and posters, are often inadequate to ensure a rapid and safe emergency response on construction sites,” said Keyan Zandy, CEO for Smart Safety. “Smart Safety is designed to work in concert with typical crisis management plans and help eliminate confusion in an emergency by delivering to workers’ phones the exact information they need right when they need it, such as situational details, evacuation plans and the locations of the closest first-responders and medical facilities.”

The app is available for free the first month and then $99 per month, per project, for an unlimited number of users. Smart Safety communicates over traditional cellular signals to ensure a more consistent and reliable connection than Wi-Fi. The app is available in English and Spanish language; five additional languages are in development.

Smart Safety is built around patent-pending geolocation/geofencing technology that enables the administrator to enter the project site’s perimeter and define the boundaries. The administrator uploads the project-specific emergency action information, such as situational details, evacuation routes, rally points, fire extinguisher locations, emergency contacts and more.

Initial setup takes approximately 15 minutes on Smart Safety’s website ( General contractors and safety directors with multiple projects can view all active jobs via a main project dashboard.

After setup, team members download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and “check in” to the project once onsite by scanning a QR code or entering a PIN. When activated, workers can send an alert to the onsite supervisor with one click should an emergency arise and even identify the specific type of emergency, such as fire, gas leak, medical situation, etc. After verifying the emergency, the supervisor sends an immediate alert to all onsite users with a “distinctive signal” notification for the specific type of emergency and relevant next-step information. After resolution, onsite team members can be sent an “all clear” notification to resume work.

About Smart Safety

Smart Safety provides real-time, crisis management communication for construction workers on active jobsites. The company uses patent-pending geolocation/geofencing technology to report and issue emergency notifications and provides one-click access to safety protocols and resources for field staff. The app-based tool is compliant with OSHA requirements (29 CFR 1910.38 Emergency Action Plans). Learn more at and follow @SmartSafetyApp or on LinkedIn.


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