Construction Company Uses Schima CMP 2500 Battery System for Long-lasting, Portable Power

ALBANY, NY, MAY 1, 2024  ̶  Schima, an energy solutions company and supplier of complex battery power that is part of the Custom Electronics, Inc. (CEI) family of brands, is dedicated to helping its customers shape their energy solutions. Kevin SharpeOwner and Operator of Acute Construction LLC, a regional residential and commercial construction company, was looking for a portable yet quiet battery solution. He found the solution in Schima’s CMP 2500 Battery System, which is now a staple in his work truck.

“Local residential areas surrounding one of the summer camps in the region require quiet construction over the summer between the 4th of July and Labor Day, making it necessary for any kind of power usage to be low volume,” explained Sharpe. “The Schima batteries have been very helpful in that area. The use of Schima batteries instead of a generator allow us to power up lights, fans, tools and anything else needed without the need for gasoline.”

With a background in mechanical engineering as well as construction, Sharpe knew he needed a battery that would not only be durable but provide lasting power. “I can run a lot of my power tools all at the same time for a long period of time,” adds Sharpe. “We sometimes run them for almost a full eight hours for miscellaneous saw use, while also charging my tools, and the battery can handle that output.”

Another aspect of the CMP 2500 that is important to Sharpe and Acute Construction is the ease of use. 

“The battery system is convenient to have on hand; it is very functional,” says Sharpe. “I have the batteries in a Sprinter van, ready to go. The van has its own inverter that can only put out 3,000W and some of our tools require more than that. However, the Schima battery offers more power than other brands, and that’s perfect for our needs.”

Schima’s CMP 2500 Battery System is comprised of the battery, a SB175 Faceplate, SB175 Support Bracket Combo, ANL Fuse with Enclosure 100A, Essential Battery Cell Setup and a SE920 Protective Case. The base of the kit consists of a charger, a 4-kW inverter and up to four 2.5-kWh battery packs. This modular power system creates a long-lasting, portable, continuous power source with a small footprint for use in multiple applications.


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