Revolutionising Customer Engagement with Emotionally Intelligent Customisable AI Avatars

Rapport Self-Service Platform integrates with ChatGPT, AWS, Azure, and Google Gemini to create the first fully customisable and open-ended AI solution for businesses

LONDON and EDINBURGH, Scotland, July 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Rapport, the AI platform for emotionally intelligent interactive characters, announces the launch of the first ever Self-Service Virtual Interactive Avatar platform to businesses. Powered by Speech Graphics, the world’s leading facial animation solution for video games, the platform will enable users to create, animate, and deploy their own Virtual Interactive Personalities (VIPs) in a matter of minutes – enhancing user experiences, driving engagement and creating emotional connections.

Research by Salesforce revealed that 91% of consumers who have a positive customer experience are more likely to make another purchase. With this insight, Rapport’s new solution will aim to harness Artificial Intelligence (AI) and immersive technology to meet and exceed customer expectations, across retail, healthcare, education, HR and Marketing.

“Our platform is designed to revolutionise how businesses and individuals engage with audiences,” said Gregor Hofer, CEO of Rapport. “To date, we’ve seen a tremendous impact on immersive learning, and opportunities flourish in sales, marketing, service, and entertainment. With our technology, users can create emotionally intelligent avatars that significantly enhance customer interactions at the point of sale across almost any market sector.”

Rapport Self-Service offers a user-friendly platform that guides users through a step-by-step process to create their unique virtual characters. The platform is the only solution that gives users the freedom to mix and match all components necessary to create, animate, and deploy interactive characters with emotional intelligence, in any language, on any platform.

Key features of Rapport Self-Service include:

  • Bespoke character selection: Choose from a diverse library of existing characters or create your own using Ready Player Me.
  • Select a ‘brain’: Integrate with major AI providers such as ChatGPT, AWS, Azure, or Google Gemini. Users can opt for an open-ended AI or customise it with specific prompts.
  • Pick a voice: Access thousands of voice options from major text-to-speech providers, available in any language.
  • Animate a character: Utilising Speech Graphics’ cutting-edge audio-driven facial animation technology for realistic lip-sync and emotional expressions.
  • Publish and share: Deploy the avatar anywhere in your digital ecosystem with a simple snippet of code.

At the core of Rapport Self-Service technology lies Speech Graphics’ audio-driven facial animation, a proven solution in the video game industry. Unlike other technologies, Speech Graphics employs detailed muscle maps for extremely accurate real-time lip-sync. This approach accelerates the suspension of disbelief, allowing users to connect with the avatars on a deeper emotional level.

Rapport offers flexible pricing options, including a free ‘Explorer’ tier and a ‘Creator’ tier priced at just $0.21 per minute of interaction, with an introductory offer of $0.08 per minute for the first three months. Custom pricing is also available for high-volume users.

To see a sneak peek of the Rapport Self-Service platform in action see here.

About Rapport 

Rapport is the leading end-to-end generative AI platform for interactive characters. It automates character animation from speech and other vocalisations. 

Speech Graphics

Speech Graphics’ technology produces accurate, consistent, natural lip sync with remarkable full-face emotional expressions from audio alone, saving video games studios significant time, effort and money in realising the highest quality output. Our tools are used across the spectrum of AAA, AA, and indie titles, including Hogwarts Legacy, The Last of Us Part 2, Resident Evil: Village, and High on Life amongst many others.


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