Qapital Launches Nine New Rules to Help Automate Savings for Members

Rules leverage behavioral economics to make saving easier and more purposeful

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#behavioralfinanceQapital, a goals-based financial app, today announced the roll-out of nine new behavior-based Rules to help members automate their savings, reward good behavior with more positivity, deter bad habits, or convert silliness into savings.

Through its partnership with IFTTT, Qapital has always offered members the opportunity to save based on activities or prompts outside the app. Qapital’s new Rules expand on the existing offerings and also keep members in the sleek Qapital app. Just in time for New Year’s resolutions season, Qapital’s new Rules include:

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant: Save a specified amount when you say a phrase to your preferred smart home device.

Square: Working a side hustle? Automatically set aside money whenever you make a sale.

Facebook: Set aside funds whenever you post on Facebook.

Fitbit and Strava: Celebrate reaching your daily step target or completing a workout by setting aside money for a specific goal.

Uber: Resolving to take fewer rideshares? Set aside funds whenever you take an Uber.

YouTube: Save a set amount whenever you like a video.

Finance: Expect the unexpected. Save whenever the S&P 500 index drops a certain amount.

“We live in a world that makes it easy to spend without thinking, and few of us have the time or tools to consider the opportunity cost of those financial decisions,” says Dan Ariely, Chief Behavioral Economist at Qapital. “These new savings Rules aim to make saving as easy as spending, and to incentivize good behavior and feelings when it comes to money.”

Qapital’s nine new Rules are available today for Complete and Master members, across both iOS and Android. For more information, visit

About Qapital

Qapital, winner of 2019’s Real Simple Smart Money Awards for Budgeting and named “Most Innovative App of the Year, 2017″ by Google, is a personal financial app that uses behavioral economics to help people become masters of their money. Members save, spend and invest with Qapital tools designed to help them plan for the long-term and enjoy the short-term. Fun, effortless and rewarding to use, Qapital makes it easy to divvy up every dollar so members cover their needs, save for their wants, and maybe learn a little along the way.


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