Fyde Upgrades Zero Trust Secure Access for Enterprise Desktops

New Fyde Enterprise features simplify access, adoption, and compliance for employees, IT teams, and third-parties

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#remoteaccess–Fyde, the new standard for zero trust secure access, announced today that the award-winning Fyde app is now available to all desktop users. Mac, PC, and Linux desktops can now take advantage of the expedited remediation capabilities, full visibility, and advanced management capabilities already available for mobile devices. In addition, Fyde now offers seamless secure access to resources on Kubernetes clusters.

Secure access is a challenge for many enterprises. Existing solutions like VPNs, and even two-factor authentication, do not address the performance, privacy, and security concerns that hinder adoption and compliance.

Fyde is challenging the conventional wisdom about secure access. Enterprises have struggled with ineffective VPNs, convoluted 3rd party access, complex security setups and employee pushback.

Fyde simplifies and strengthens secure access, solving three major issues:

  • Latency, complexity and security concerns associated with VPNs
  • Streamlined and locked down 3rd party access
  • Compliance demands for a system of record to track access to SaaS and internal apps

“Fyde’s mission is to enable people to get work done anywhere on the planet, without sacrificing security, privacy or speed,” said Sinan Eren, CEO, Fyde. “Now, enterprises can empower users and protect their corporate IP with Zero Trust on any device.”

Starting today, Fyde admins and end-users get a host of new capabilities to make Fyde an even more powerful tool for secure access.

For employees and contractors:

  • Receive desktop notifications on all forms of policy violations
  • See updated Activity list: full log of blocked domains/IPs and security notifications
  • See full device posture
  • Get automated remediation steps and reauthentication flows. All the information needed, in a desktop pop-up
  • Access resources on private Kubernetes networks without cloud-specific VPNs or homegrown tools

For administrators:

  • Support multiple policies on a single resource
  • New policy controls (Disk encryption, Firewall, OS version, Fyde version, Jailbreak, Screen-lock and Reauthentication timer)
  • Simplify adding and removing freelancers and other temporary workers for secure access to resources
  • Increase granularity: create policies for specific individuals, not just by groups
  • Authenticate identity providers – Open ID connect support
  • Implement DNS over HTTPS or DNS over TLS for last-mile security
  • Open source fyde-cli cmd/batch client for Enterprise workflow enhancement

Pricing and availability

Fyde for the Desktop is available today as part of the Fyde Enterprise suite. Fyde is sold as an annual subscription with pricing starting at $10 per user per month. Enterprise bundles are available. To try Fyde today, visit Fyde.com/sign-up

About Fyde

Fyde is the new standard for Zero Trust secure access. An increasingly decentralized world is driving digital transformation and challenging the status quo. Fyde helps organizations mitigate risks while adapting to the new nature of work and IT, powering their journey to the Zero Trust Architecture. Our innovative approach is driven by patented technology that enables secure, reliable and fast access to any on-premises, cloud or hybrid app or workload. Fyde eliminates security risks associated with traditional VPN access, while protecting user identities from account takeover attacks. To learn more about Fyde, visit Fyde.com.



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