Proxima Launches New Self-Service Platform With AI Targeting To Help Growth Marketers Unlock Advertising Efficiencies

Proxima Puts Power Back in the Hands of Marketers to Better Address Customer Acquisition Challenges in the Digital Advertising Ecosystem

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Proxima, a data intelligence software company that helps digital businesses improve targeting and performance across media platforms, today announces the launch of their new self-service platform to enable increased profitability and performance at scale across major advertising platforms. Using predictive AI, Proxima leverages first-party data and more than 55 million unique shopper personas to reach new customers, lower customer acquisition costs and increase ROI on ad spend.

Digital advertising continues to grow exponentially, but iOS privacy updates and skyrocketing Facebook advertising costs are making it increasingly difficult for digital companies to scale. More than 60% of iOS users have opted out of tracking, cutting the signal between advertisers and consumers, and the cost of customer acquisition has increased by 50% over the last two years, leaving companies spending more for worse results.

“The current digital advertising environment is more unforgiving than ever, challenging digital marketers to combat the turbulence caused by the iOS 14.5 updates and the lost opportunity from limited consumer tracking while still being able to target effectively and acquire new customers at a reasonable cost,” said Alex Song, CEO and founder of Proxima. “We are excited to address these pain points head on with our new self-service platform, connecting growth marketers with a powerful and convenient new solution to better target desired audiences, leverage new marketing channels and optimize customer acquisition.”

Proxima’s self-serve technology generates AI-powered audiences for prospecting on Meta, Google and TikTok by leveraging a proprietary database of 55M+ shoppers across the B2C universe. The software then deploys audiences directly into the media platform targeting new high-value customers and scaling advertising budgets profitably beyond existing limits. The solution saves advertisers time while surfacing actionable media buying insights and unlocking efficiencies in customer acquisition.

With proprietary third-party database and AI capabilities, Proxima consistently delivers results which outperform existing campaign strategies, saving brands time and money in reaching the highest-performing audiences. Since launching in April 2022, the company has achieved 400% revenue growth and grown its proprietary network of B2C brands and media companies to over 12,000. This robust network provides unique, anonymized shopper personas from which the company’s AI builds custom audiences to scale performance on platforms including Meta, TikTok and Google.

“Proxima is our unique advantage to prospecting effectively post iOS14.5,” said Kasper Garnell, co-founder and CMO of Joe and The Juice. “Proxima is super easy to use and an incredibly powerful tool for profitable customer acquisition.”

“Proxima has been a game-changer for customer acquisition,” said Ooshma Garg, founder and CEO of Gobble. “Their AI consistently finds qualified, high-value subscribers and has reduced our CPA by over 30%, giving us the confidence to scale our ads.”

Proxima has full visibility into shoppers’ entire conversion journeys, including thousands of live data integrations with ecommerce stores, email service providers and SMS providers. Audience data is refreshed daily with real shopper data including frequency of spend, recency of spend, average order value and lifetime value by product category to unlock profitable growth at scale.

About Proxima

Proxima uniquely leverages a proprietary database of anonymized consumer data to help brands better reach the right consumers across all major platforms. Proxima customers see measurable results across the most important digital advertising metrics including an increase in ROAS and AOV as well as lower CPAs. Proxima’s proprietary network of over 12,000 B2C brands and media companies include Daily Harvest, Away, Equinox, Joe and The Juice, Parachute Home, TheSkimm, Morning Brew, Casper, KISS, Caraway, Lomi, Gobble, Sundays for Dogs, Conde Nast, and Harper’s Bazaar.


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