Profoto Doubles the Power with the B10 Plus; More Info at B&H

Photography News: Profoto continues to bolster its lineup of portable
strobes with the powerful B10 Plus. With double the output of the
original B10, the Plus is a great option for photographers and
videographers who need more light for their scene or subject.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#lighting–B&H Photo would like to share the announcement of the Profoto
B10 Plus Flash
. The latest addition to Profoto’s outstanding series
of portable strobes, the B10 Plus offers twice the power of the original
B10, bringing the output up to 500Ws and producing approximately ten
times the light of a standard speedlight. With this extra power comes a
little extra bulk, though the B10 Plus still maintains a quite portable
form factor, especially when compared with traditional monolights that
offer similar output. Another benefit is that the B10 Plus will support
the same accessories as the standard B10, including OCF Light Shapers.

Profoto B10 Plus OCF Flash Head

Product Highlights

  • 500Ws, 10-Stop Power Range
  • Length: 9.3″, Diameter: 3.9″
  • Li-Ion Battery: 200 Full-Power Flashes
  • Full TTL Auto Exposure Control Plus HSS
  • 0.05-2.5 Second Recycling
  • t0.5 Freeze Mode: 1/50,000 sec Duration
  • 3000-6500 LED Modeling Lamp, CRI 90-96
  • 330′ Wireless Triggering with Air TTL
  • Smartphone Connectivity with Profoto App

True portability comes from its ability to run on a battery pack. This
pack will provide approximately 200 full-power flashes with a recycle
time of 2.5 seconds each. For speed, the flash can be set to minimum
power where the recycle time drops to just 0.05 seconds and offers a
flash duration of 1/50,000 second (t.5). Also, the battery will charge
in 1.5 hours. Bolstering its portable and wire-free nature, the B10 Plus
is equipped with Profoto’s Air System for wireless control and
triggering—including TTL support—via their Remotes or the Profoto app on

Individuals who shoot video in addition to stills will enjoy the LED
modeling light built into the B10 Plus. This 2500-lumen continuous light
can run for 75 minutes at full power and has an adjustable color
temperature. Hybrid shooters will enjoy the ability to use the same
fixture for all their work as well as the same set of modifiers.

If you want to add the B10 Plus to your lighting kit, you can find it as
a Single-Head
or a Duo

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