#paid Launches Content Usage Rights Platform Solution

New tool simplifies the purchase of usage rights for creator content, unlocks new ways for creators to monetize, and improves creator marketing scalability for brands

NEW YORK & TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#paid, a leading creator marketing platform, has announced the release of Creator Content Usage Rights, a new offering that allows brands to purchase rights to creator content for use across a full range of marketing channels—out-of-home, print, in-flight, cinema, broadcast, in-game, online video, display, virtual reality, and paid social media.

#paid is the first platform to centralize the process of purchasing creator content usage rights, transforming the way brands and creators collaborate. For creators, the tool ensures fair compensation when their content is used beyond the social feed., and it allows them to generate passive income from content long after its creation. For brands, it ensures consistency and standardization of rates, and it further cements creators as a cost-effective way to produce high-quality, creative content for marketing campaigns.

“The magic behind this new industry-first feature is our proprietary pricing algorithm built on top of our first-party data,” said Bryan Gold, CEO of #paid. “Until now, there has been no standardized way to price creator content on channels like out-of-home or virtual reality. Now, we have paved the way in what was previously the wild west of our industry.

Creators have long been vulnerable to having their content misused. Until now, managing the legal process, and tracking and monetizing usage rights have been onerous tasks, often leading to exploitation. Brands, too, have struggled to use creator content at scale because contracts are difficult to negotiate and manage; there is no standardized usage rights pricing, and usage cannot be tracked properly. Now, says Gold, “Creators are protected and empowered to monetize their content in new ways, while brands have a scalable and cost-effective way to amplify their marketing using creator content across their entire marketing mix.”

The #paid Creator Content Usage Rights product will be revolutionary for brands and creators alike, providing a simplified process to secure usage rights with standardized pricing, automated contracting, and easy-to-manage terms.

#paid is proud to continue its pioneering in the creator marketing industry, introducing innovative products that continue to instill trust and accountability in the space. It looks forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on the creator economy.

About #paid

#paid is a creator marketing platform situated at the nexus of brand and creator collaboration. The company powers the campaigns of Fortune 500 brands like Phillips Hue, Unilever, and Sephora, who leverage the platform to activate creators for growth. #paid is building the go-to platform that fuels content creation and distribution for brands globally, while providing creators with an unparalleled environment to do what they love—create. For more information, visit hashtagpaid.com.


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