Open Broadcast Systems Announces Support for 100 Gigabit Ethernet

London, UK, 13th February 2024 – Open Broadcast Systems has announced support for 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100G) networking in its low-latency encoders and decoders. This allows for dozens of ST 2022-6 or ST-2110 streams to be encoded and decoded in a single server, drastically increasing density and improving energy efficiency on a per channel basis.

Developed in-house by Open Broadcast Systems, this is the first known encode/decode solution in the marketplace to feature 100G support and is part of the company’s high performance video processing networking stack. As the product is based on Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, there is no vendor-specific hardware dependency and subsequent obsolescence. 

It has been developed in response to the need for customers to bulk encode from ST-2110 to MPEG-TS/SRT, as well as bulk decode from MPEG-TS/SRT to ST-2110 as part of a transition to IP and the cloud.

Kieran Kunhya, Founder and CEO of Open Broadcast Systems, said: “As consumers demand more and more live content, ultra high-density encode and decode is key to making this happen in modern IP based facilities. It has been a massive technical endeavour implementing 100G support, but we know this will be a game-changer for many of our customers.”

100G support ships to customers from today. Open Broadcast Systems will be exhibiting at NAB from 14th – 17th April on booth W2442. Get in touch to book a meeting –

About Open Broadcast Systems

Open Broadcast Systems is a leading-edge manufacturer of encoding and decoding for B2B video contribution and distribution. Its software-based solutions are deployed to deliver premium video content over any network, from satellite to IP. High quality solutions developed by Open Broadcast Systems deliver services to millions of people every day, including many major sporting and breaking news events.

Encoding and decoding solutions from Open Broadcast Systems are high quality, cost-efficient and agile, able to be developed and installed in extremely short timeframes. For more information, please visit

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