New Smartphone App Gives Injured Patients Fast, Free Access to Expert Advice From An Orthopedic Specialist

HURT! app prevents unnecessary and often costly trips to crowded ERs

ST. JOSEPH, Mo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A prominent local orthopedist today announced the free availability of HURT!, the first-of-its-kind smartphone app that quickly connects injured patients such as athletes to a highly qualified orthopedic specialist in their area.

Sports injuries happen in an instant. However, research shows that 90 percent of emergency room visits for orthopedic injuries are unnecessary. Trips to the ER can be costly as well: the average bill for a bone or joint injury is about $2,000. Dr. Brett Miller, founder of the HURT! app, says COVID-19 has amplified the need to navigate non-emergency orthopedic situations away from already crowded ERs and urgent care centers, and get injured patients fast, free expert advice, right from the start.

“Our team developed the HURT! app to connect athletes and other injured patients to nearby orthopedic specialists so their injuries could be managed quickly,” Dr. Miller said. “Once the pandemic hit, our mission suddenly became bigger than that. Those who download the app and use it before they rush to an ER now have a fast, free way to get the best care immediately, potentially saving time and money in the process.”

Athletes, parents, coaches, athletic trainers – and everyone, for that matter — are advised to download the HURT! app to their Apple or Android devices before they should ever need it. HURT! provides an excellent safeguard, as 70 percent of all sports-related injuries happen in the absence of an athletic trainer.

Once a free HURT! app account is set up, which only takes a few minutes, the athlete will be ready. Should an injury occur, the app connects the patient directly to a local orthopedic specialist. The specialist will have the patient share pictures and messages through the app to assess the injury. Together, patient and specialist will determine what level of care is needed and the next, most appropriate steps based on the situation.

For more information about HURT! for injured patients, or about HURT! For Business, which gives employers a way to connect their employees to orthopedic specialists and realize significant cost savings in group benefit and medical expenses, go to or contact Dr. Miller directly at


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