New Agrology Desktop Portal Empowers Growers to Customize, Visualize and Apply Data to their Business Needs

Agrology unveils a new easy-to-use portal that provides growers with customized data views, easy-to-create reports, in-depth data overlays, and more

ALEXANDRIA, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Agrology today unveiled a new Grower Portal that puts the power of self service and customized data into the hands of growers. The Grower Portal provides Agrology customers with a web-based version of the Agrology platform that includes new features like easy-to-create polished reports, in-depth data overlays, and the ability to easily export data. The Grower Portal complements the real-time data growers receive in the Agrology iOS app, enabling them to dig deep into ground-truth data on irrigation, smoke risk and smoke taint, moisture levels, weather and microclimates, pest and disease pressure, soil carbon and nitrous flux.

“The Agrology Grower Portal provides a comprehensive dashboard view of data that customers can really dive into and quickly understand what is happening down to the block,” said Adam Koeppel, Co-Founder and CEO of Agrology. “It’s a powerful tool for any grower, especially those who want to be more regenerative and have climate smart goals.”

Using the Agrology Grower Portal, growers can create custom charts based on their specific needs. The portal is a web-based experience that runs on any browser without the need for additional software to install. Customers sign-in to easily create chart libraries or overlay various data points to see how different practices are intersecting with each other. Growers can create custom reports on selected data inputs at any moment in time. For example, a grower can see how irrigation impacted soil carbon flux. They can also visualize and predict extreme heat or frost events so that they can best use water and protect crops.

“Customers were asking for a data deep dive and the ability to fully customize their data to fit their unique business needs, and the Grower Portal is the answer,” said James Ranson, Head of Platform at Agrology and the architect of the Grower Portal. “The Grower Portal puts the power of valuable, real-time and predictive information into the hands of our customers, while also making it easy to understand, digest, and share out.”

The Agrology Grower Portal includes:

  • Live graph renderings – Granting self-service access to all proprietary data in one easy-to-access web portal. Includes overlay forecasts on actual vs predicted data, so that customers can compare data and better plan for future events.
  • Deep dives into data and data overlays – Enabling customers to visually understand how various data points, from temperatures to irrigation/water, smoke, air quality, and soil carbon, are impacting their growing season and regenerative farming goals.
  • Custom charts and dashboards – Providing drop-down metrics for customers to choose from to showcase the exact data growers need to report on or manage to. Also includes the ability to save those charts and create custom dashboards.
  • Customized, polished growing reports – Generating on the fly and easily shared with team members. Also, the ability to customize reports down to the ranch or block, for specific data shares.
  • Custom Alerts – Allowing growers to set customized thresholds and alerts so that specific team members are alerted when there are immediate issues to address. For example, growers can set temperature thresholds for heat and cold, based on their specific crops’ needs, and then are alerted in a way that works (even if it’s the middle of the night…or not)
  • Customized configuration of sites and views – Providing customers with the ability to see and name sites, nodes and blocks so that all data is configured to their exact needs. Also the ability to easily cycle through data from multiple ranches and locations with just a few clicks.
  • Access – Providing the ability for customers to control team access and specify team data views via the Grower Portal or the mobile app.
  • Export – Enabling the ability for customers to export their data to other tools like spreadsheets or third party reporting.

Growers can schedule a demo of the new Grower Portal by going to Anyone interested can visit for more information.

About Agrology

Agrology is a leading climate tech start-up and Public Benefit Corporation with a mission to help farmers adapt to and beat climate change with real-time analysis and predictive insights. The Agrology platform consists of climate and carbon monitoring systems, both based on ground-truth data and machine learning. The Agrology Climate Monitoring System delivers predictive insights and warnings, up to four days in advance, for wildfire smoke taint risk, extreme weather, soil conditions, pest and disease emergence, and irrigation. Agrology’s Carbon Monitoring System tracks soil carbon sequestration in real time, quickly detecting carbon loss via carbon dioxide emission events. Agrology customers include Braga Fresh, The Duckhorn Portfolio, Emeritus Vineyards, Groth Vineyards and Winery, Jordan Vineyards and Winery, Joseph Phelps Vineyards, Lawrence Vineyards, Napa Green, Pivot Bio, Renteria Vineyard Management, Sebastien Farms, Silver Oak Vineyards, Sonoma County Winegrowers, and numerous specialty farms. Agrology is the winner of two highly selective National Science Foundation SBIR Awards, a 2022 WINnovation Award, and is a recipient of a USDA Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities grant. Agrology’s academic partners include UC Davis, CSU Monterey Bay, Huntington Farms, RCD of Monterey County, University of California Cooperative Extension, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Agrology is based in Alexandria, Virginia and can be found online at


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