Unveils Orchestrator, Plug-and-Play AI For Music Tech Companies

Orchestrator is a drag-and-drop, no code, DIY AI interface by that can be adapted for use at scale, and is already live in the market today, with organizations across the entire digital music ecosystem.

With Orchestrator by, any business, service, content creator, artist, or rightsholder can channel AI technology to support their vision. With an easy and intuitive interface, Orchestrator allows anyone to drag-and-drop different modules, such as stem separation or lyric transcription using AI, and see what happens. Orchestrator provides a drag-and-drop environment for both quickly testing novel concepts and seamlessly implementing at scale.

The Orchestrator interface removes barriers like cost and timing when businesses want to experiment with AI but have limited resources. From a few tracks to a million tracks, can handle it, offering the most competitive pricing and the most exciting features via Orchestrator. 

“Orchestrator’s no-code interface opens doors for fast, intuitive, and easy adoption by companies interested in adopting emerging tech like AI. It is in tune with our mission to democratize access to state-of-the-art technology, no matter the bandwidth,” says CEO and co-founder Geraldo Ramos. “With an easy and intuitive interface, anyone can get up and running in less than 5 minutes and start processing their first batch of media.”

Orchestrator powers the technology behind Moises’ go-to AI consumer app – an app where musicians can leverage complementary AI to experience and learn from music in new and innovative ways. Users can separate audio from their favorite songs and play along, control and change the pitch of songs with one click, and detect and display chords in real time. These features and more all contribute to a smooth learning process that is utilized by 30 million musicians worldwide. is one of the only companies in the world processing and supporting complementary AI workflows at enterprise scale. Orchestrator is live in the market today, used by organizations across the entire digital music ecosystem. To make this happen, created and maintains a complex cloud infrastructure that provides specialized engineering and takes that burden off the company.

“Orchestrator will continue to grow and evolve, to ensure Moises is offering other organizations the most up-to-date AI technologies available,” says Matt Henninger, VP of Sales and Business Development at “We want our B2B offerings to evolve at the same pace as the fast-moving AI world, so that more music innovators can incorporate AI into their products and ideas.” 

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About Moises
Based in the US and Brazil, Moises is the musicians app that turns AI into real tools to make better music and audio. Founded by Geraldo Ramos, Eddie Hsu, and Jardson Almeida, three music loving tech innovators from Northeastern Brazil, Moises researches how music and AI can play together and how AI can best serve music makers of all levels. With a wide range of carefully crafted, ethically trained features, Moises strives to empower creative potential and democratize advanced music tools previously only available to audio professionals. It has become a go-to part of many musicians’ learning, composing, and mixing process. Learn more at

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