Melodics Partners With Arturia On Dream Music Production Package, For Musicians Evolving Their Skills

A new partnership between French electronics company Arturia and the platform for music learning Melodics grants musicians the dream package. The much anticipated launch of the Arturia MiniLab Mk3 includes 40 free Melodics lessons, spanning the entire beginner-to-pro journey. New users simply register their new MiniLab Mk3 on the Arturia website to receive this offer.

“Melodics has reimagined music education, and we’re thrilled that Arturia believes in our approach and the many benefits it brings to musicians using their gear,” says Melodics Founder and CEO Sam Gribben. “The pairing of the Arturia MiniLab Mk3 and Melodics is aimed at making the process from unboxing your gear to making your first beat as painless as possible. Melodics curriculum is specifically designed to teach for the modern musician and music producer.”

Melodics automatically recognises the MiniLab Mk3, allowing Arturia customers to get started as soon as they open the box. Musicians at any proficiency stage immediately benefit from practice with Melodics, as guided courses build on past lessons and strengthen fundamental skills. As a learner moves through lessons, they receive immediate feedback with indication to where they could improve, before moving to the next module.

Arturia creates synthesizers and keyboards that encourage musical discovery and nurture inspiration. The MiniLab Mk3 comes with major upgrades and customizations, including improved DAW integration, an arpeggiator, a MIDI port, and changes to controls. Arturia’s tech is designed for everyone, from the amateur to the professional musician, making Melodics a natural partner.

About Melodics

New Zealand based Melodics offers a desktop app that teaches musicians to play keyboard, electronic drums and pad controllers. Guided courses aid in the beginner-to-pro journey, with classification by difficulty level, built upon previous lessons. Subscribers can also access Songs, carefully curated and produced commercial music for learning, by artists including Queen, Olivia Rodrigo, Dr. Dre, Silksonic, and more. Melodics regularly releases new lessons and courses curated by their own team of musicians and music educators, using proven gamification principles to create a learning tool that makes practice addictive and fun. Melodics adapts to your abilities and musical tastes, and motivates you through reward and recognition, delivering results faster.

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