Strategically Placed Micro POV Cameras Capture Dedicated Views of Court Proceedings

THOMASVILLE, GA, MAY 9, 2024  S&L Integrated Systems, a leader in audio-visual technology solutions, has recently transformed courtroom experiences throughout Georgia and the surrounding region with the integration of the CV503, CV504 and CV-355-10X POV cameras from Marshall Electronics.

The cutting-edge video conferencing and streaming solution has been successfully implemented in over a hundred courtrooms, with an additional 50 installs scheduled for 2024. This groundbreaking initiative has revolutionized court proceedings, enabling a hybrid approach that accommodates remote participation while maintaining the integrity of the legal process.

“The onset of the pandemic disrupted court proceedings, leading to delays, extended incarcerations and financial implications for several counties and personnel involved with the legal process,” says Stan Mobley, Senior Account Executive at S&L Integrated Systems. “Overnight, there was an immediate need to adapt to the changing environment within the court system, where traditional in-person proceedings faced significant restrictions due to social and physical distancing requirements. In response to the changing environment, the Supreme Court implemented changes allowing video appearances, sparking the need for an efficient video conferencing solution in courtrooms.”

S&L Integrated Systems collaborated with Marshall to develop a sophisticated four-camera video conferencing solution tailored to the unique needs of courtrooms. The key innovation involved using two Marshall CV503 and/or CV504 fixed lens cameras and two CV-355-10X cameras strategically placed for capturing dedicated views of the judge, witness, prosecution and defense. The unique quad view arrangement ensures that participants always have a front-facing video feed, offering high-quality visuals and audio.

One of the key features of the solution was the integration of a fifth Marshall CV-355-10X camera dedicated to live streaming. Controlled by the judge’s touch panel, this camera facilitates on-demand live streaming of court proceedings, addressing the legal requirement for open court accessibility. The system ensures that the public can follow hearings remotely while adhering to social distancing measures.

“The courtroom has evolved into a hybrid environment, with an emphasis on convenience for judges to continue utilizing video conferencing and live streaming even when physical attendance is possible,” adds Mobley. “The ability to trigger individual cameras, such as focusing on the judge or witness greatly enhances the system’s flexibility and user-friendliness.”

The CV504 Micro POV Camera is built around a next generation Sony sensor with over 2 million pixels. The micro CV504 delivers exceptional 10 bit 4:2:2 video performance (BT.709) from a durable aluminum alloy body through 3GSDI (BNC) output and flexible interchangeable lenses. The new Sony sensors offer rich color accurate video with improved low light sensitivity and refined remote adjust and match capability.

Marshall‘s CV355-10X Compact 10x camera features 10x optical (12x digital) zoom block and flexible 3GSDI/HDMI simultaneous outputs with clear HD images up to 1920×1080 at 60fps. Remote adjust and match settings include Iris, WB, Exposure, Pedestal and many more over long distances or during setup with capable Auto settings that track environmental fluctuations.

“The Marshall cameras have successfully standardized courtroom solutions across multiple jurisdictions in the area, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience,” adds Mobley. “The implementation includes comprehensive training sessions for court personnel and a client care service agreement, ensuring ongoing support and maintenance from S&L Integrated Systems. The project has not only facilitated court proceedings during the onset of the pandemic but has also become a long-term solution for efficient and convenient legal processes.”

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